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Meet Maura Grant, a certified massage technician. She does reiki, as well. She and her partner, Cammy, whose last name I didn’t get, work on Tom Bell Road in Murphys. The name of their business is Elements, and elements define the Asian basis for peace, happiness, health and balance in everything they do be it healing or gardening or meal planning.

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In her treatment room are the sacred elements of earth, fire, water, and air. Plants represent earth, fire comes from lit candles, thankfully, for me, anyway, without perfume. Just pure soft light.

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Water cascades from a fountain, and air is all around. I’ve had massage and acupuncture before my accident.  I know it to be healing, and soothing and a transmitter of peace and tranquility. Reiki sort of astounds me. How does the heat just emmanate into their hands?  When Maura pressed my chest I could feel the heat in my heart and penetrate to my  back muscles. Margaret Hornick, from Arnold also has that unique talent. Heat just flows from her hands into your body.  

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Even Maura’s bathroom has earth represented by the stones, water is obvious and the candles on the tank are fire.

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The two women have a meditation room where they hold meetings, discussions and teach. In each room, all of the elements are present.

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They also have a sauna. The blue lights have some significance for healing. I’ve had many massages since my accident. Residual pain in my neck and shoulders still plague me. Some practitioners call it “memory pain.”  Debbie Selleck from Angels Camp has really helped me, as well as Margaret and now Maura. Each time, I think, ahh, I’m so close to well, this will be the last massage I will need.

It never seems to completely take away pain, but I’m getting well in small increments.  My weak arm is a bit stronger, the pain is lessened. Stress makes it worse.   Every massage I’ve had, the premises have those same elements, I must add. It isn’t unique to Maura. But they carry it out in a beautiful, complete way.

A day earlier, I stopped in to visit my former doctor,  Dr. Ralph Retherford in Tuolumne County.  He is a holistic doctor and also encourages his patients to perform tai chi on a regular basis. He gave me a tape and I found an improvement in my weakened arm with just one evening of practice. I believe by the time I return home from the Motorhome, I will be completely well with esoteric healing.




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