For days I’ve tried to fit my camera cord into the trapazoid slot on my camera to unload pictures into my computer. The same cord also charges my camera battery. It wouldn’t fit. It defied logic. How could a cord I use every day and keep in the same place next to my computer, suddenly not fit. How could I  misplace something I use every day that stays next to my computer? All week, I unloaded pictures by removing the SD disk and plugging it directly into my computer. Last night, the camera battery went dead.

Desperately I searched the zillionth time.  I picked up every item from my three desks one by one again. The light bulb went off. I had used my Click Free back-up drive a week earlier. Sure enough, I’d put the camera cord into the Click Free box and the Click Free cord stayed next to my computer. Like electrical outlets, is it too much to ask that they be standardized?  It would save a lot of hair-pulling.

On the frustration meter, my credit cards were compromised over Christmas and I got new ones in the mail yesterday! Oh, happy day. It left me feeling very vulnerable when I didn’t have those little pieces of plastic for ten days.  However, it made me apply for two more cards knowing I will be going to Turkey and our trip lit explained that Turkey businesses like different cards, MasterCard and Discover. Wow. I got lower interest, wonderful rewards, and no charge for overseas ATM transactions on the Discover Card. Two reasons to celebrate.

Jubilation T Cornpone!!




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  1. ramblinmanjimj

    Why does a person need three desks? There once was an old lady who had so many desks, she didn’t know what to do! 🙂

    • 2gadabout

      For some people every flat surface is a desk. We who bite off more than we can chew, take on more than we can do, then do it, are accomplished multitaskers. LOL

  2. WilliamB

    I share your pain……my camera needs charging and I have no idea where the proper cord is. Standardization would be so nice!

    • 2gadabout

      It is probably a money decision, it’s always about money and profit. This way we have to buy more cords and storing all the various, inevitably black cords, is a nightmare for me.

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