I decorated for Christmas, and cleaned house. So, I extracted this news from the internet, sent to my by my friend ReaDeane. It comes from the British Newspaper Daily Mail.
I predict that in the next twelve months a device will be made that allows you to diagnose an illness from your own home. It’ll weigh less than 5 pounds. It’ll cost as little as $50. And it will probably be created by a 16-year-old from Maryland named Jack Andraka.
He’s already created a similar device. In 2012 — then just 15 years old — Jack created a dip stick that detects pancreatic cancer. This detector is “nearly 100% accurate, 28 times faster, 28 times less expensive, and over 100 times more sensitive than current tests,” according to British newspaper Daily Mail. This achievement won the boy genius a $75,000 scholarship at the 2012 Intel Science Fair. But he’s not resting on his laurels. He’s hard at work on a device that he says will “diagnose any disease instantly.”
His work is part of a larger effort by a non-profit group called X Prize Foundation. The group offered $10 million to anyone who could create a device that could detect 15 illnesses in 30 people.

Whiz kid Jack Andraka has teamed up with a few other teenage geniuses to be the first to create the device. But they’re not alone. 265 teams in 33 countries around the world have thrown their hats in the ring. If just one succeeds, it could transform health care as we know it.
Two cutting-edge healthcare companies that are already creating the next generation of diagnostic and testing devices. One is a surgical equipment maker whose stock has skyrocketed 371% in the past year, but still has room to grow. The other is a company revolutionizing the operating room in three unique ways.

Okay, you’ve got the poop. But, my cynical friend, ReaDeane says: “There is NO WAY our capitalistic structure will ever let that get to market. Sorta like the cars that run on air, or water or ??? that never make it to market. I wonder why? They get bought out and buried. Too much money at stake.”
“She may be right. I hope differently, but I’m remembering the first super successful E-Cars that were bought out by big oil and crushed and buried. And the Los Angeles public transportation system that was bought by Shell and the cars crushed and dumped and the rail lines removed. They have so much money they sway the voters to dump transportation system investments in infrastructure against our own best interests.  Will the same be true for the Medical field?   Time will tell.
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