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The local papers were all atwitter with Restaurant Impossible scheduled to come to Murphys to “turn around” Hillbillies Restaurant which apparently is struggling. Chef Robert Irvine from the food network, had had enough of awful dinners  and decided to add Dinner Impossible and Restaurant Impossible to his show, with a great deal of apparent success. The whole area was so full of parked cars, the parking lot filled with television crew and equipment, I couldn’t get near the place while they worked their “magic”. I slipped out yesterday a.m. to get a part for my sprinkling system leak and stopped to take pictures and talk to the owners about the experience. They promised to maintain a no pictures policy until the show airs sometime in early January.

She handed me a sample menu and said their menu has not changed, the proposed items are not neccessarily what they will be serving. Well, so much for no information. The restaurant was apparently voted Best Breakfast in Calaveras County and it has two hotels and a vacation rental in close walking distance.

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Hillbillies has had two previous owners under a different name and succeeded and I’ve eaten there many times. I have never been there since it became Hillbillies and I questioned why? Maybe the name turned me off suggesting a lot of burgers and fast food style eatery? And, the menu is a mix of burgers and upscale, “tablecloth” menu items? Strange mix. The spokesperson for Hillbillies told me they will be opening for dinner when the menu is fixed. Previously, just breakfast and lunch. Well, I’m curious enough to try them out, but two frog leg entree’s are kind of puzzling. Is it a new trend I don’t know about?  I’ll keep you posted as time goes by. In the meantime, you can check out Restaurant Impossible at their website below:

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I did manage to get my sprinkling system mend accomplished with Jim’s help. It was buried deep and a tough fix. I wouldn’t have been able to do it without his assistance. He literally had to get under the pipe and hold it up with his giant screwdriver while I glued. I’ve come to hate sprinkling systems because they are constant maintenance. My friend Art is going to help me with a rainwater catchment system hopefully before I leave and get back on the road in January.

Today, we play.


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  1. Great experience

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