I had an early morning appointment with a massage therapist yesterday and on my way I heard Senator Dave Camp badgering the woman who is in charge of the Medicare website about why she cannot tell him how many people are signed up for Affordable Health Care. She kept telling him the figures would be available mid-November.  What hypocrisy. The Republicans, YES, THE REPUBLICANS, have done everything in their power to make sure Obamacare wouldn’t work. They shut down the government and backlogged thousands of programs so, now it is okay to badger this employee?

Ted Cruz brags that he will do everything he can to stop Obamacare while he also boasts shutting down the government was a great idea and he will do it again?

No leeway for the fact that when the government asked for bids on a company to provide a website they had to include every possible eventuality in the specifications before it could be bid.

Last spring, when the senate finance committee asked for outreach funds to implement the Affordable care Act, the outreach, to educate and pay the Department of Health and Human Services to assist people to enroll and for the technology experts to navigate the complicated needs of the system for privacy, medical records on-line, etc. Funds allotted? NONE. ZERO.  (Information from CNN)

The Public Relations part of the bill was required. When HHS director, Kathryn Sebillious asked the insurance companies who would benefit from this and non-profit organizations to donate to this, a very controversial move, Republicans were outraged. She got ZIP. No money. All of her requests for funds to implement the act was refused and blocked by Republicans.

When Sebelius tried to shift money from other areas to help do what needed to be done,  she was attacked by Senate Republicans. At every step, Republicans fought measures to get money to put towards implementation.

Let’s remember that original versions of the bill called for one big national exchange. This would have been much easier to implement. But conservatives declared that insurance should be left to the states and kept out of the hands of the federal government. So as a compromise exchanges were made state-based instead of national.

As a precaution, the law stipulated that if states failed to do their duty and enact exchanges, the federal government would step in and pick up the slack. This was to prevent obstructionism from killing the law. Surprisingly, it was many of the same conservative states that demanded local control that refused to implement state-based exchanges, leaving the federal government to do it for them.

There have been books, webinars and meetings explaining how to sabotage the implementation of Obamacare. There have been campaigns trying to persuade young people from signing up for Obamacare.  It is, therefore, somewhat ironic that many of the same people who have been part of all of this obstructionism seem so “upset” by the fact that people can’t easily use the exchanges.

(Information from Aaron E. Carroll is a professor of pediatrics at the Indiana University School of Medicine and the director of its Center for Health Policy and Professionalism Research. He has supported a single-payer health system during the reform debate.)

But, wait, we do have a Republican who stated sincerely:  “Now it is time to move forward again in a critical area. Health Care. Without adequate health care, no one can make full use of his or her talents and opportunities. It is thus just as important that economic, racial, and social barriers not stand in the way of good health care.”

That was President Nixon, who got impeached and resigned before he had a chance to follow through. Or, who knows, maybe he didn’t really mean it.

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  1. Midwestern Plant Girl

    Um. Sorry you lost me.

    • 2gadabout

      Sorry! I get angry and rant. My rant is that the health care bill is a train wreck and it has been deliberately sabotaged by certain members of our Senate and House who hate Obama, they pose no ideas of how to fix it or make it better. Just, get rid of it. A National single payer plan would have been the best. Hope they do it. I won’t hold my breath.

      • Midwestern Plant Girl

        I didn’t follow your blog to read about stupid things oblamer does. I followed it for your RV insight.
        I do NOT like being forced to do something by my government. The gov was NOT created to force us to do things… Isn’t that why we overtook the Native Indian’s land and made it ours? (THAT is another story) The point is, people didn’t like England telling them what to do and came here to create a NEW land.
        OVER 50% of Americans DO NOT want this! How is that democratic?!? I was perfectly content with my lower-priced plan that I chose for its specific options. I now have to pay more (yes, I checked, over $165 MORE a MONTH than my last plan, even with subsidies!! Additionally, where are these subsidies coming from? Yup! Me – The taxpayer!!) That’s Bullsh*t! With the website not running properly, many have not been able to find out how much MORE it will cost them for their healthcare. Nice job o…. Going to CANADA to have the site built, WTF? My husband is paying the penalty next year, as he refuses to pay for a plan. If enough people choose this option, where is the money going to come from to pay for this PYRAMID scheme???
        Republicans HAVE offered options to this plan. Here’s just one example of many. , Maybe you should listen to a different news station to get the full, unbiased story.
        Unfortunately, the people that don’t want to work for a living and just suck off the teat of America outnumber the ones that DO want to be a productive on this planet.
        I hope the Republicans ARE successful in their fight against this silly healthcare plan.

      • 2gadabout

        I think everyone is frustrated by Obamacare, and rightly so. I went to the Washington Times link and I’m not astute enough to answer the 181 page plan Republicans have come out with which wasn’t written there. When did they come up with this plan? In the last few days or during the crafting of the bill? When were they shut out of discussions? Obama, much to my chagrin, compromised by allowing a middleman into the mix, big pharma which stands to reap big profits. Who did he compromise with by letting in the middleman and allowing the bill to gravitate to the states? Republicans as far as I know.
        Writing about current affairs is an accounting of facts and truth, IF YOU CAN FIND FACTS AND TRUTH. Lies are so endemic today it is tough to find truth and facts. But, I am of my time and I must deal with what I see even if it is to challenge and provoke thoughts of what goes on about us. I wish I could turn my back on current affairs, but I am unable to do that.
        I have a health plan. It has risen by 3.52 per cent. Just about in tune with the cost of living. My plan has not been taken away from me. Why your husband’s was cancelled? I haven’t a clue what insurance companies are doing to line their pockets. I looked at several websites I respect and didn’t learn much. But, Warren Buffet, who I do respect, agrees with you. Obamacare should be scrapped and started over. There is no trust between the parties to work out something that benefits the people over corporations. I certainly don’t trust it to happen. I don’t like Obama, but downsizing government over the years has been a disaster, giving up needed checks and balances. Democracy only works with some socialization and it worked very well for a long, long time. If we get rid of the balances, why would we expect a different result then what we had when corporations ruled the U.S. and people were job slaves and kept poor?

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