Keeping in touch is one of the rewards of blogging. Between email, the internet and my blog, I feel I have a lifeline to the greatest community in the world. Information at my fingertips and above all keeping in touch with people. Remember the telephone ad?  Reach out and touch someone? That is what it is like.

I heard from Genvieve Hardy, a Navajo woman we met on the road who invited us to dine with her and educated us about her culture. She weaves, teaches and works hard. I love it when we get a hello from our travels. We met her in 2012 in Arizona.

I blogged Joan Higgins yesterday and up popped Pat Seiferth, a person I dearly care about and because of a computer glitch, we went our separate ways. I’ll explain it in as few words as possible. I received two emails from Pat that had a cryptic note: PLEASE REMOVE ME FROM YOUR MAILING LIST. I was hurt and she denied sending it. The second one came and she denied sending it, as well, as did her husband. Several years later, my daughter told me that some email programs do that when the box is full, or just as a filter in their system, they will send the very message I was sure came From Pat. Mystery solved. By then, Pat had moved out-of-state, address unknown.  My apologies, Pat. I’m smarter now.

IMG_5724 (Copy)

And, my good friend Marilyn Pinnow let me know, as she sat among the moving boxes admiring the leaves out her window, that she had moved back to Murphys and asked me to attend a Day Of The Dead Procession that has gained a following in Murphys over the last three years. It is something you see in Mexico, Argentina, Brazil. It is about celebrating the lives of those you love who have passed. Another way of keeping in touch.

My friend, Ron Heinsma, sends me so many emails from so many fields of interest, I look forward to them every day.  This morning I got an email about how to connect with the Viet Nam Memorial Wall in D.C.  If you know someone who died in Viet Nam, it might be of interest to check out the Virtual Wall on the link below:



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5 thoughts on “REWARDS OF BLOGGING.

  1. Patricia Seiferth Short

    Geez Mary, You make me want to cry…

  2. My high school boyfriend is on the list, along with his picture and the medals he was awarded. He was MIA for thirty years; bones identified his DNA a few years ago. His mother died of a broken heart when their hopes were dashed so many times. His dad stayed in touch with me for many years.

    • 2gadabout

      It represents so many broken hearts. We meet a lot of Nam vets on the road. Jim is a Nam vet, too. One good friend of his, Stephen Penta GMG3 Navy is on the wall. It turned his brother, Al Penta, into a profound anti-war protestor when he got out of the Navy. Thanks you for sharing.

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