Check out this from the Sierra Club:

Yesterday was Yosemite National Park’s 123rd birthday, but due to the federal government shutdown that commenced , no one could  attend the party. Visitors already there were ushered out of Yosemite — and every other national park, national monument, and national seashore.

But the fallout doesn’t stop there. The EPA will furlough 9 out of every 10 employees, and communities around our parks could lose up to $30 million in business for every day of the shutdown. Rather than make the American people pay the cost, the U.S. House of Representatives needs to ditch the political posturing and fulfill the basic duties of their job: Make government work.

I’d like to remind them of the constitution which sates government: “For The General Welfare Of The People.”  They seem to have forgotten that. I believe it is unconstitutional to deliberately shut down government. They should be fired.

From Newsmax:

The 91 veterans on an Honor Flight from Mississippi weren’t going to be denied the chance to see the memorial built for them.

Arriving on four charter buses at Washington’s National Mall yesterday morning on the first day of a federal government shutdown, the vets found the World War II monument barricaded and its fountain idle. A sign on the fence read “Because of the Federal Government SHUTDOWN, All National Parks Are CLOSED.”

With a bagpipe escort, the veterans ignored the barriers and walked or were pushed in wheelchairs to see the column for Mississippi. Park Police stood by, watching.

“This is ridiculous,” said Tom Bratner, 89, who served as a Seabee during the liberation of Guam in 1944. “I hate the Republicans. They’re pulling all kinds of stuff trying to hold hostage things like this.”

My philosophy questions, is it too much to expect  that any adults left in the House would be open to discussions about how to improve Obamacare?  How about Medicare for all Americans, single payer, no middleman or big pharma in between. Get rid of those costs and we could count on health care costs going down, down, down and be billions ahead. Wouldn’t we all benefit from some adult behavior? Hate isn’t the answer. Our houses of government should not be above the law or make any laws that don’t affect them equally, including health care. We should have free election channels for all. Don’t ask. I’m full of ideas.


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  1. phillklynn

    Well said Mare.  I agree that they should all be fired. or at least not getting paid.  Its going to take the American people to end this madness. Where do we begin?  At the polls.  We the people can vote out all the Tea party candidates and any one else involved in this childish behavior.  We do have the power if we ban together as one.  But it seems that our memories are very short at election time.  Lets not forget October 1st, 2013 when the Republicans shut down the government. 



  2. So the dems refuse to even talk…..refuse what the legally elected members of the house pass …..the president refuses to obey the law and you my friend call names and spread lies….way to go!!!!!!
    The house’s request for face to face talks(which are required by our Constitution……making it a legal requirement) have been refused by the Democrats….and you bully your fellow Americans, call them names…tea baggers….and lie by saying the tea party holds our county hostage…..
    You need to get your facts straight…..Harry Reid, the Democrats and Obama are the cause of the National Parks being closed and many families going without paychecks…..my wife included.

    Do you believe our representatives should be allowed to illegally pass laws forcing free Americans to purchase anything against their will and then exclude themselves, their friends and those who donate large sums of money to thier pockets.

    • 2gadabout

      We may never agree on who caused what since my sources tell me the opposite of what you speak. But, I can speak to the illegality or legality of forcing free Americans to purchase something they may not want to, like fire insurance, flood insurance, a drivers license, vehicle registration, mortgage insurance, hunting licenses, gun registration…I’m sure there is more. I do not think our leaders should exclude themselves from the same programs we get passed into law by them. Remember this is a civil society built for “The General Welfare Of The People.” And, at the same time, I can say I do not like the clause that forces people who can’t afford it to buy insurance. On the other hand, we pay whenever they must get treatment at a clinic in our taxes. So….you and I are going to pay for those who struggle and it is best to see that they can support themselves and pay for their insurance by keeping a good working economy so they don’t have to struggle. If each of us attempt to buy as much goods made in America as we can, our jobs would come back. Regulating wall street (Glass-Steagall) worked for many years and should be re-instituted and it is Republicans who fight tooth and nail against that regulation. We have different philosophies about how it all works, but surely, when Republican senators and representatives make comments claiming they will not fund and will dismantle something that was legally passed and is now law, isn’t that obstructing the people who passed it? Those are Republicans throwing mega amounts of money at stopping Obamacare. People are signing up for it today. I say, good!

      • All the things you mention are choices…we do not have to go hunting…it is a choice as are driving, owning a home…our government does not force us to have auto insurance just because we were born in America it forces us to have insurance IF we chose to drive……Big difference!!!!

        Our hard fought for liberty is about freedom of choice.
        Your health care in not my responsibility…..it is yours!!!!

        How do you feel about the 17 or so illegal changes Oboma has made to Obomacare without congressional or even senate approval…..the Obomacare of today is not even the Obomacare our representatives passed……Is he your King????

        Our representative were voted into office to represent us….and that is what they are doing…..not in my opinion very well, but what do you do when others are breaking laws making changes after the fact………..and then lying every step of the way.

        As far as your sources….do you ever check them out…..do you look to see who funds them….do you ever go and listen to the whole story…..move on is George Soros…do you know who he is, what he had done to other country’s economies….DO YOU LOVE COMMUNISM?????

        All I ask is please do your homework….have you ever gone to a tea party rally or even their web site to see who they are what they want…?

        What is wrong with smaller Federal government control?

        Who would you rather have making choices for your family…you, your community, your local government, state, government, Federal government or the U.N.???

        Give it some thought my friends, pray about it if you are a believer then look carefully at which side you are on…who you support.

      • 2gadabout

        Democrats have already agreed to fund the government at Republican levels.
        Despite what you might have heard, there have only been two serious government shutdowns in recent history, and both were the result of Republican ultimatums.
        Democrats in the Senate have been begging the House to negotiate over the budget for the past six months, but Republicans have refused.
        That’s because Republicans wanted to wait until they had either a government shutdown or a debt ceiling breach as leverage, something they’ve been very clear about all along.
        Republicans keep talking about compromise, but they’ve offered nothing in return for agreeing to their demands—except to keep the government intact if they get their way.
        The public is very strongly opposed to using a government shutdown to stop Obamacare
        The National Debt is NOT increasing—it peaked in 2009 and has been dropping ever since, declining by $200 billion last year with another $450 billion drop projected this year.
        A long government shutdown is likely to seriously hurt economic growth, with a monthlong shutdown projected to slash GDP in the fourth quarter by 1 percentage point and reduce employment by over a million jobs.
        No, Democrats have not used debt ceiling hostage taking in the past to force presidents to accept their political agenda.
        This whole dispute is about the Republican Party fighting to make sure the working poor don’t have access to affordable health care because they hate EVERYTHING Obama. It is YOU who need to do your homework and separate truth from lies. Look to YOUR sources.
        I did read up on George Soros and he sounds exactly like the Koch Brothers who have the same power, the same game of meddling and I’m glad you woke me up to him. But, MoveOn is a people powered group and it is nonsense that Obama is a puppet to Soros. I don’t like Obama, but I like him better than the extreme right of Republicanism today.

      • I’d like to just what you found about Soros…..his left wing news media supporters?
        Did you read that he is a Communist supporter who owns many news medias…..who has destroyed many democratic government economies( this is where he made most of his money)….just buy short then destroy the country….he has been speaking agains the U.S. for years….against capitalism!!!

      • 2gadabout

        What I found out about Soros is that he and the Koch Brothers are the same. Both Evil manipulators with too much money.

  3. Cindy Mosqueda

    25 years ago we had a system that worked……..now we have a mess due to government half-hearted fixes, insurance companies that are allowed to dictate treatment choices to doctors and patients, money used to build massive, opulent office complexes for the insurance companies, obscene remuneration for insurance executives. At this point we have no choice but to enact what is essentially Medicare for all. To much is wrong with the current system to untwist all the knots.
    It is time for us “old folks” to stand up, and make a change. This current shut down is just more political poo that cannot be tolerated. My wildest dream is that they hold an election and nobody votes. That somehow we find and choose new representatives “for the people” and build again what we all know is possible.
    Love reading your thoughts…..thanks for taking the time.

    • 2gadabout

      House Republicans refused to pass any spending bill that didn’t include huge policy changes unrelated to government spending—to force their right-wing agenda on Americans.

      And what did House Republicans do after shutting government down? Call a conference committee to “settle differences,” which means demand further concessions—just to reopen the government.

      Enough is enough. John Boehner has the power to end this shutdown and put 800,000 people back to work right away. All he has to do is call a vote in the House to pass a clean spending bill.

      Thanks for standing with good sense and sanity.

  4. Midwestern Plant Girl

    We are being forced to buy insurance. You are not required by law to have home, morgage, fire, a drivers license. Obviously you must own your home, not owe a lot on your mortgage or drive a car.
    The point is, it’s bs that I’m in good health, will pay more than what I’m paying now and have to support slackers!
    The DNR said it the best, “don’t feed the animals or they’ll get too dependent and not know how to forage for themselves”
    It goes the same for all the people we’d give food stamps to.
    Someone asked me awhile ago, “Well? What do you want from your government? ”
    I said, “Nothing!”
    Hopefully the pres reads the polls and gets real!

    • 2gadabout

      We are not forced, but the word is REQUIRED to have insurance on our home if we can’t pay cash for our house and need a mortgage. And Mortgage insurance for first time buyers is required. If you want to work and buy a car you are required to pay for registration and license your car or truck. If you open a business you are required to buy a license to operate that business. As for food stamps, I believe that in a country that is this wealthy, no one should go hungry. I think if we took one tenth of the subsidies offered to big oil, we could feed our entire country on food stamps. Not that we would want them, but just to make a point. There is a lot of corporate welfare, and too many low paying jobs where both parents have to work to make ends meet. You should watch the movie Heist! Who Stole The American Dream. An alternate perspective of why we have so many hungry people before you condemn them and figure they’ll forget how to “forage.” Thanks for stopping by.

      • You still miss the point…..you are not required to own a car, you are not required to own a house, you are not required to own a business…..you have the choice…….now our government it forcing us to purchase a product many do not like and that is no longer even what was passed…. Not to mention how poorly the program is being run….just like Amtrak,

        AS FOR THE NATIONAL DEBT……how can you possibly claim is is going down????


        Just watch this thing go down…..

        If it is going down why do we need tor raise the debt ceiling every few months???

        PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE answer these two questions.

      • 2gadabout

        I didn’t say it was paid off. The debt has been reduced. That means, going down. Enough of this. We could argue until the sun goes down and never agree. Let me ask you a question. Do you believe there is merit in anything that isn’t Republican generated?

      • To be honest….I do not like most of the Republicans….I do not support the GOP
        I did not care for either Bush presidents.
        I believe in Liberty, small government, personal responsibility…I am a war time vet, most of my family tree is full of war time vets.
        I’m mostly a libertarian…..

        First and foremost I am a Born Again Christian!!!!

        One of us must not understand the clock….how can our debt be going down if the debt clock keeps rising?

      • 2gadabout

        I tried to get a picture of the Debt Graph into the reply and could not. Send me your email address and I’ll email it to you. send to me at mgmatzek@sbcglobal.net

  5. You and my husband could go on for days and days!! He has plenty of ideas as well. Those National Parks belong to us. I hope many others disregarded gates and barricades and enjoy them.
    “Let us not seek the Republican answer or the Democratic answer, but the right answer. Let us not seek to fix the blame for the past. Let us accept our own responsibility for the future.”

    John F. Kennedy

    Read more at http://www.brainyquote.com/quotes/quotes/j/johnfkenn121400.html#jV2JYH544CTktX6O.99

    • 2gadabout

      Well, second thoughts in the House gave them the idea they should open the Veterans Park. The barriers weren’t stopping them anyway. So, it is open. The rest of the parks are still closed. There is a petition to refuse to pay salaries to the House and Senate until the government shutdown is reversed. I say YES!
      Thanks for stopping by.

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