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Thunderbird Thousand Trails has a new washroom. I was glad the old agitator machines are gone for the more efficient front loaders that I like because I had three big loads of laundry to do.  I chuckled a bit when I thought of the “old agitators”. At least I didn’t have to heat water on a wood stove and fill that old wash tub.


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It pays to put things in perspective. It is hard for me to imagine how much work my mother went through to wash clothes when we lived in Hardwood. I do know we had less clothes and therefore washed less often. We’ve come a long way, Baby. 

How things have changed, in more ways than equipment. At the laundry I chatted with a friendly woman. She and her husband work full-time and  live in their RV full-time. They move between three Washington Parks and commute from them to their jobs.  They sold their house and made this dramatic change because they couldn’t get their two sons, age 20 and 21 to move out and get a job. The boys have menial paying jobs, no aspirations to go to college, and it was just too easy to stay home with, as she put it, “the silver spoon.”  Her beautiful top of the line front loading washer is in storage. She and I both laughed about the solution. Hey, at least she did something about it. I know parents with a 26-year-old do-nothing spoiled kid still living at home and all they do is complain about him.

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It rained much of yesterday and the weather was cold and damp.  It cleared a bit, just as the sun was about to set. More of it to come, too, but I’ll be leaving the motor home before it gets to Murphys.  I’m flying back to California today because my sister is being treated for brain cancer and I want to spend some time with her. I have lots of pictures (and memories)  to share from our tromp through Michigan.




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