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Yesterday we bopped over to East Freetown to visit with Jim’s cousins, Jeanette and Camello Di Paola for a couple hours.

DSC08049 (Copy)

We met at their son’s house. Mike is the oldest Di Paola son, and daughter Lisa is the youngest member of the family.

DSC08050 (Copy)

Camello immigrated here from Catania, Sicily and was a leather craftsman all of his life. He pointed out his grandchildren in a picture.

DSC08052 (Copy)

Another picture shows all four of his sons and three daughters.

DSC08062 (Copy)

Son David, who couldn’t be with us.  is a baker at Dunkin’ Donuts, so of course, that is what we snacked on.

DSC08055 (Copy)

It turns out that their pet peacock, Hobo, likes donuts,too.

DSC08064 (Copy)

He is a beauty and get’s along well with the dogs. He wanders the neighborhood but he sleeps in a tree in their yard. In 2010 I got his picture with tail fully spread, but he doesn’t have a lady friend.

DSC08067 (Copy)

Mike’s wife Anne joined us when she got off work.

DSC08068 (Copy)

We were also joined by Mike’s best friend, Steve, and we did another round of pictures. Steve is a member of the family, too, Mike said. We all have good friends like that. Next time, we’ll stay a little longer and capture the whole gang, but sometimes you have to settle for half a package. (Jeanette and Camello live right around the corner from St. Anthonys, from yesterday’s blog.) The kids all attended church there. Mike told me the beautiful marble came from Italy.

DSC08072 (Copy)

We returned to Bob and Donna’s for our “last supper.”

DSC08073 (Copy)

Bob’s son makes clams casino, a family favorite.  Bushels of them are a family tradition at Christmas for Bob and Donna. DSC08079 (Copy)

We were just short of calling the fire department as the casino clams came out from under the broiler in those cardboard baking pans, too much laughter, I might add. Nothing like creating a lasting impression of your favorite regional food.

DSC08080 (Copy)

Despite the flambe, the clams were delicious.

DSC08082 (Copy)

And Donna made sure we were as stuffed as the clams with Jim’s favorite meat pie, before we called it a night. We will hit the road for Ivoryton, CT. later this morning. What would we do without cousins?

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