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Earlier, I blogged Dr. Souza and his SpineForce 3D Rehab trainer. But, the building that houses Dr. Souza and his practcie is a huge metal warehouse fittingly stocked with many types of exercise machines and fitness programs under the name of Class 5.

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There is a giant wall to climb  that is straight up and down to replicate a solid granite mountain climb.

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A small one for small fry or folks impaired, like me.

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They have physical therapy, balance, posture, strength conditioning, weight loss and pain management programs and assistance with child care if you need it.

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They also have  the smallest “cafe” I’ve ever seen. People come here to exercise, not eat. And, they come to Dr. Souza for treatments and I must say, I’m getting well in leaps and bounds. I feel a bit like something magical is going on as I’m conditioning and strengthening deep spinal muscles.  When I get home, I’m bone tired, but the next day, I can walk briskly for 15 minutes and do some stairs both up and down without pain. I have two more appointments before I fly. I’m counting heavily on those treatments.DSC07664 (Copy)

As I left Dr. Souza’s, this misshapen tree caught my eye. It is majestic even with its odd trunk. Like us, we don’t all have perfect bodies but we function pretty well anyway.

DSC07673 (Copy)

I like old barns and I know they will not be around for many more years and it seems appropriate to record them for posterity. When I return in the fall, I plan to do a barn photo trip and catch a bunch of them in Calaveritas and Mokelumne Hill.

DSC07675 (Copy)

This old miner’s shack in Vallecito is on its last legs. It is hard to imagine anyone calling such a small place home. They are also getting scarce.

Tomorrow and Thursday,  I will visit my sister in Chico. She is recovering from cancer surgery.   I’ll be back on this page after the 25th.

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