DSC07723 (Copy)

Madaline Krska celebrated her 70th birthday with a theme, a slew of friends, and the idea that we  are all celebrating birthdays and walking in the sun. She was flitting about and being the perfect hostess so it was hard to corner her for a picture. (Her smile is famous.)

DSC07698 (Copy)

We had an opportunity to don a lei and put a paper flower in our hair. We got name tags and noted our own birthdays…for later.

DSC07690 (Copy)

Laurie didn’t have enough hair for a flower so she  put her flower on her dress.

DSC07727 (Copy)

Some people just don’t know any other language than smile. Isn’t that the way it is supposed to be?

DSC07691 (Copy)

It was fun to catch up with old friends from the Calaveras Arts Council, Marta and Kevin-artists, both.

DSC07707 (Copy)

Penny and Glenna.

DSC07703 (Copy)

Many people I had never met before.

DSC07716 (Copy)

Character shows.

DSC07728 (Copy)

Irene is a renownded  activist in the Motherlode.

DSC07709 (Copy)

Ed Klein is a talented photographer.

DSC07693 (Copy)

Don was born in January. You can see it on his name tag. I’d never met him before.

DSC07729 (Copy)

Getting help from your partner.

DSC07706 (Copy)

Hey, where is your lei?

DSC07713 (Copy)

The food was wonderful.

DSC07730 (Copy)

It was interesting to ask people you didn’t know how  had they met Madaline.

DSC07719 (Copy)

There was a lot of talent roaming around the pool and grounds at the Leger Hotel in Mokelumne Hill, but this woman has the most.  She can put two fingers in her mouth and whistle loud enough to bring the whole crowd to a standstill. I’m ever envious.

DSC07744 (Copy)

And thus we gathered to toast Madaline and each other in turn, those born in January,  February and March. Those April, May and June. July, August and September, October, November and December, each group in turn.  We all walk in the sun. Penny read off a list of famous people who share Maddie’s birthday and those famous ones who no longer walk in the sun.

DSC07746 (Copy)

We had our champagne with Little lavender cupcakes from Lila and Sage of Murphys.

DSC07748 (Copy)

My favorite picture was this one of Maddie’s daughter, Shelly. We had never met before and I found a fellow rambler. A woman who trekked across country by herself in a camper and hopes to do more of the same with a friend as time allows.   While I was setting my camera for my flash, she popped our Mary and Jim card into her hand and held it up. Isn’t that cool?

For the rest of the photos I took, you can click on the link below:


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