Yesterday, my grandson Stewart and son Doug went to help a neighbor get rid of carpenter ants that were voraciously eating inside her walls under a window. Then, all of us  went to the CCTV Studio where they are landscaping after installing sprinklers. I went along  to choose plants at a nearby nursery. I chose the type of plants and where they go but decided against putting them in the ground until the weather cools. Of course I forgot my camera. DSC07536 (Copy)

I decided to post more pictures from the reunion like this cute one of Abby with her funky sunglasses on.

DSC07537 (Copy)

Tyler with his funky glasses.

DSC07528 (Copy)

Austin with his guitar glasses and some funky hair.

DSC07529 (Copy)

Whatta bunch of hams!!!

DSC07533 (Copy)

I guess that is what family reunions are about, is taking pictures with those you see once or twice a year.

DSC07566 (Copy)

I see Terri fairly regularly, but Kristanne, from far away Vegas, maybe once a year.

DSC07510 (Copy)

We had three dogs this year, where usually we have a pack. This is Wendy and Paul’s, Cherish. Kristanne fosters dogs for a rescue group and currently has four. She boarded them for the party.

DSC07555 (Copy)

Also fun is watching how much the kids grow taller from year to year. This is Sutter. His brother Jacob was once just a little guy, but stands 6 foot 2, now.  Why this always amazes us is silly, I suppose.

DSC07534 (Copy)

Cathy did pretty well competing with the kids, but eventually she caved.

DSC07550 (Copy)

Laurie, (we had two Lauries and two Abbies) and McKensie really dug into the snacks after the flume ride.

DSC07551 (Copy)

Richard tried to catch a snooze, but we wouldn’t let him.

030 (Copy)

Owen liked that tree. He spent most of his flume time jumping into the water rather than tubing.

DSC07580 (Copy)

Our little Abbie was outgunned in the squirt gun wars, but totally hung in there.  I couldn’t get her to smile for pictures.

DSC07577 (Copy)

Clint took aim at his two sisters, McKensie and Cami on the trampoline.

DSC07578 (Copy)

No one seemed to care. They were probably hoping for some cooling spray.

015 (Copy)

At the flume, Ken wouldn’t  jeopardize that beer.

I am now hooked up with SpineForce 3D Rehab Trainer, Dr. Souza, an hour’s drive from where I live. He uses a medical device touted by CBS Doctors as one of the top ten medical devices for skeletal injuries, especially the spine. So, maybe that can change my life. I’m making slow, but incremental progress with my Chiropractor. But doing both may shorten the process so I can get back on the road and get my life back. I’ll keep you informed.










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One thought on “BUSY DAY AND MORE LIKE IT.

  1. Abby and Tyler- SO cute!

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