DSC07207 (Copy)

Saturday, at 4:00 the counters were laden with food and snacks. Party time, and the weather has cooled to 105 degrees from 111 on Friday.

DSC07211 (Copy)

Laurie put the cake over a container of ice to keep  the frosting from melting. Air conditioning doesn’t do much good with doors opening and closing, and movement in and out.

DSC07215 (Copy)

Guests begin arriving. Chairs and sitting places are skimpy because much of the furniture was sold.  The stairs do double duty.

DSC07216 (Copy)

Neighbor Bob, a young 87 loves to flirt, dance, and oil paint. We chatted for a couple of hours.

DSC07219 (Copy)

Kelly and Jeff, are teacher friends.

DSC07230 (Copy)

Many of the students  enjoyed party after party over graduation and weren’t very hungry.

DSC07236 (Copy)

They made their way upstairs and congregated on air mattresses the family has been using for beds. Games and a big screen television kept them entertained.

DSC07222 (Copy)

Amber is home schooled and will attend college in Colorado. Her father is the boys scout leader, if I’m remembering correctly.

DSC07213 (Copy)

And you know those annoying little pop-ups you get on your screen?  Well this annoying little pop-up is grandson Theo, blocking a picture of Mason. Next time he gets the mighty hand of Thor.

DSC07239 (Copy)

I don’t know the kids name’s for the most part. Just that they are all polite and nice and thwart the current reputation of the unruly, spoiled-rotten teens.

DSC07221 (Copy)

Stewart’s friend, Paul, has signed on to help with the move to California. Ken decided to pay the boys to load the vans and drive to Valley Springs, to earn money toward their college expenses. They normally have summer jobs, but leaving Vegas means less opportunity to make expenses.

DSC07233 (Copy)

There were a lot of fond farewells.

DSC07243 (Copy)

But most of the graduates will meet again as both Stewart and Mason are now students of University Nevada Reno where many of their friends are enrolled.

DSC07220 (Copy)

This is Dallas. What a beauty and intelligent too.

DSC07242 (Copy)

A good friend, and ex-sister-n-law to Kris, Julia Gold, I hadn’t seen in about five years. We had such fun the last time we met. I hope it won’t be as long until we next meet.

DSC07226 (Copy)

Enjoying friends I’ve only heard about before. Laurie and Ken have lived in this Nevada oven for 8 years and expect to see their friends on visits both ways. Friends and family, the best of treasures. Parties make good memories.



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