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Yesterday, we did the laundry, I packed for my flight to Las Vegas where I’ll be attending my grandson’s graduation and enjoying family time.  Late in the afternoon, Jim and Ginnie barbecued  hot dogs and hamburgers. It was a beautiful day, not too hot.DSC07123 (Copy)

She makes this delicious Greek spinach, tomato, rice dish that is eaten cold. Great with the barbeque.

DSC07125 (Copy)

Jimmy had to dash off to work his second job. Not much time to rest between jobs with us there, but we won’t see them again for two, maybe three years. They are such good company. When you drive into their neighborhood, the sound of cicadas fills the air and  surrounds you. They live less than two miles from the Elks Club, but when we got back on the road and left their neighborhood-no more cicadas. Ginnie sent me a picture of one to my phone.


I got this picture on-line, taken by Roy Troutman. The picture Ginnie

sent me looked like this.


I grabbed this picture from National Geographic.


This photo came from Wikipedia. I read enough to learn they come with prominent eyes, both black and red. Some have very transparent wings, some have prominent wings. I had them mixed up with locusts. They do eat sap from trees and can cause a lot of damage, but they are not related to locusts.

Blogging will be spotty as I am away from my computer for several days.

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