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Oakland, New Jersey Elks Club is located just a mile from our good friends, Jim and Ginnie Palumbo. The grounds at the club are elegant, with a gazebo, tennis and basketball areas, a huge barbeque and picnic area and then…the Ramapo river flows at its feet.

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Among the landscaping plants was the biggest hosta I’ve ever seen in North America, about four feet across. Beautiful.

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I spent the afternoon reading at the riverside and watching the geese swim back and forth under a nearby walking bridge.

DSC06919 (Copy)

The bridge may have been meant for people, but this deer took advantage of it as well.

DSC06924 (Copy)

When Jimmie got off work, they came and got us, and the four of us went for dinner at one of their favorite Italian restaurants.

DSC06926 (Copy)

The zuppza de peche loaded with calamari, scallops, huge delicious mussels, and shrimp with angel hair pasta, excellent.  It came with soup or salad, and wonderful french bread and extra sauce. The guys had meatballs with their pasta. It doesn’t get much better than that.

DSC06930 (Copy)

We sat by the river and visited with Ginnie and Jim until it got dark.  Beautiful  swans swam by, gobbling something they liked.

DSC06931 (Copy)


DSC06933 (Copy)


DSC06938 (Copy)


DSC06937 (Copy)

A couple of fishermen took advantage of the dusk and put their poles in  from a small boat. Earlier in the day, a kayak went by and a heron landed on the bank, but I didn’t have my camera ready at that moment. Next time.

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