DSC05042 (Copy)

It’s hard to leave this peaceful, beautiful spot. But, adventure calls. The woodpile and fire pit are ready for summer evening programs.

DSC05085 (Copy)

A couple of Mallards have made Cherokee Landing home. They don’t mingle with the bigger geese, we notice.

DSC05086 (Copy)

From the bridge I saw underwater movement.  A whole school of fish were under me and a couple shots turned out.

DSC05088 (Copy)

The ranger told me there is  bass, sunfish and catfish, maybe more types of fish in the lake. All good eating and bass a real challenge for fishermen.

DSC05056 (Copy)


DSC05079 (Copy)

The dogwood are almost finished blooming, here. This branch survived the hard rains.

DSC05075 (Copy)

Beautiful new growth on a type of oak is drenched with raindrops. (enlarge by clicking on photo).

DSC05091 (Copy)


DSC05077 (Copy)

What looks like blossoms in this evergreen tree is debris from above caught in wet globs in the needles. DSC05081 (Copy)

If you find yourself traveling near Saulsbury, Cherokee Landing is a pleasant stop at any time of year.

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  1. That oak photo – simply beautiful!

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