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I don’t know why, but everyone seems to love a bird house. They can be varied and interesting to be sure. In fact in my neck of the woods, Larry Bird had a real estate office in the shape of  giant bird house. I wish I had taken a picture of it at the time. It was torn down to make way for a highway widening several years ago.

DSC05008 (Copy)

Here at Cherokee Landing, birds are very lucky. They have many choices, like this square hole for a bigger bird. I saw a small bird with babies in one like this, only smaller with a round hole.

DSC05019 (Copy)

Since this is a campground, a bird house painted to look like a log cabin fits the scene. A medium sized hole allows just about any bird.

DSC05017 (Copy)

Along with the camping theme,  a travel trailer fits right in.

DSC05020 (Copy)

This one is a “false front’ for a knothole in the back providing  shelter for a small bird.

IMG_3977 (Copy)

Not all birdhouses were meant to be occupied. They are more often used as yard or patio decorations. I run into them in gift shops all the time. They are fun and interesting. I own a couple myself and enjoy them.

IMG_3882 (Copy)

And, I enjoy photographing them.

DSC01831 (Copy)

It’s a stay-in rainy day at Cherokee Landing, and I have a renewed interest in bird houses since my carpenter son has begun building them for friends from his scrap pile. He’s sold a few as well. Kind of a fun hobby. A rest day after a day of chores yesterday, laundry and maintenance fix-ups on the Bronco and Motorhome.

Always do your best,

Never let it rest,

Until the best is better,

And the better best.

Some ditty that came floating into my mind from the past. Better get back to my book.

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