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Yesterday we visited the National Ornamental Metal Museum. The only one of its kind in the United States. A second visit for me, I found it much bigger than it was in the 1980’s. Double gates at the entrance are  a photo blog alone with about 168 spots to put a decorative disk within the swirl of the design. (I wish I knew the proper terms for gate structure.)

DSC04422 (Copy)

Jim was sure I would photography all 168 pieces.

DSC04430 (Copy)

I think that’s why artists fascinate me. Each of these ornaments were done by different artists. One offers you a plate, or a cup of tea.

DSC04436 (Copy)

While another may display a table setting, an artists easel or a human faced snail. Endlessly fascinating.

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They had two rooms with two different special exhibits of stellar. One had table sized sculptures the other a series of whirligigs.

DSC04465 (Copy)


DSC04466 (Copy)


DSC04471 (Copy)


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The gardens are fulled with beautiful plants and flowers and ornamental sculptures, or the work of students practicing on gates and practical pieces. Some are gigantic.

DSC04482 (Copy)


DSC04495 (Copy)

This is called the Friendship Bridge.

DSC04500 (Copy)


DSC04508 (Copy)


DSC04528 (Copy)


DSC04518 (Copy)

Around every corner a surprise.

DSC04507 (Copy)


DSC04512 (Copy)

A stonehead with one eye. Imagination runs wild here. DSC04510 (Copy)

If I didn’t mention it, the grounds are spectacular.

DSC04525 (Copy)

Rusty metal, my dessert.

DSC04546 (Copy)

In a third building, the museum houses its permanent acquisitions

DSC04540 (Copy)

I’d love a padlock like this cute dog.

DSC04545 (Copy)

Or this fanciful peacock lock. You can barely detect the mechanism.

DSC04549 (Copy)

A cleverly decorated cleaver.

DSC04543 (Copy)

Looks edible-almost.

DSC04563 (Copy)

A beautiful doorway.

DSC04557 (Copy)

One room here had all grills, and window and door treatments of great beauty.

DSC04537 (Copy)

When you are in Memphis, don’t miss this place. I took waaay too many pictures but if you are brave enough you can click on this album:

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  1. Very cool museum! I never knew one like this existed, thanks for sharing! 🙂

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