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Yesterday, I flew from Sacramento to Memphis to resume my favored lifestyle, being a perpetual tourist and blogging about it.  It helps to have the proper tools for our active lifestyle and that demands  good health and physical fitness.  My whole life is now defined by before the accident and after the accident.  I was taking two prescription drugs, blood pressure medication, and prescription strength ibuprofen  as needed for  osteo arthritis. I could climb mountains, bike up hill, swim, walk all day.  Life was good, and still is. At one point after the accident I was taking 13 more drugs. I studied on-line and took myself off most of them.

I’ve had a set back with some intense pain. I’m not using this venue to complain about the accident, but  I’m as frustrated as everyone else  who has gone through test after test and procedure after procedure, poking,prodding, trying this and trying that.  Before leaving home my doctor shot me up with cortisone, six shots, and they aren’t working. I’ll be seeing an acupuncturist in Memphis,  soon.  The bills from the accident are already at 79,000 plus. Luckily I have good insurance.

Unprecedented for me, I chose “Assistance” for my flight and was grateful that I did. Jim calls it aging gracefully, but that isn’t going to fly with me. I’m going to fight it all the way, even if it is going to be a slow recovery.  All through this process I checked with the latest health news through John Hopkins and other leading medical sites and waded through original studies to assess what my doctor was recommending for me. I believe, we have to be our own doctors. With information on-line, we can.

Here is what I am sending to my doctor this morning and my insurance company.  I hope it is sent by you to your doctor and your  insurance company. Maybe we can put some sanity and intelligence back into our medical care so I don’t have to “age gracefully”, but live life at the age I feel, instead of the age I am. This is IDOCTOR.

Be warned this video is lengthy and has a five second ad in front of it.

And, while you areDSC04384 (Copy)

watching, I’ll continue to enjoy my pictures of the funky sunset we saw last night: Life is good and it is going to get better.

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2 thoughts on “AGING GRACEFULLY

  1. karen phillips

    My Dear Friend, So glad you got there O.K….I was a little concerned as you flew out of the garage! I have a feeling that your going to be up and about in no time…Traveling and blogging and being with Jim is very good medicine for you…its the best. Keep in touch ’cause now I have my computer up and running thanks to Brian, our Guru Computer guy!!

    Luv ya Both Karen


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