It must be me, but I think it is strange that Monsanto should own a patent on 25 different tomatoes?  I had no clue that if they get a patent in the Netherlands, because of international trade agreements, they own that tomato everywhere. Does that seem wrong to you, too?


I have a piece of property with water on it and I can grow my own tomatoes but I don’t want to. I want to hop down to my local grocery store or farmers market and buy tomatoes when I want them. Pretty soon they’ll own the rights to all seeds, or some such. That isn’t as bizarre as it sounds, not in this heavily weighted corporatacracy that we live in.

I hope you visit this site, read how it works and sign up against this practice.


Besides, they’ve hybridized all the flavor out of an honest tomato. Tasteless. It is an outrage.



I’m planning to travel to Greece or Turkey next year, and I hope to taste honest tomatoes while I’m there. I’ll bring back the flavors in words for you.

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