IMG_1081 (Copy)

Here a photo of a re-enactment where Confederate meets a Union soldier. All in fun.

IMG_1080 (Copy)

Women played their part. In fact we all costumed up and learned much about the Civil War period as it affected the Mormons at this museum.

IMG_1093 (Copy)

Frontier women were very feminine, but able and ready to protect themselves in a clinch.

IMG_1092 (Copy)

Jim, with his New England accent could only play the part of  a Yank.

IMG_1108 (Copy)

Most people visit Las Vegas to gamble. The one-armed bandit was present at this museum.

IMG_1078 (Copy)

And, neon signs? An R about seven feet tall.

IMG_1119 (Copy)

And this wagon and livery stables? Amazing.  Right in the middle of the city. People who visit Las Vegas don’t see it in the colorful brochures that abound. This picture is worth clicking to enlarge for detail.  We were there in 2010. A great shift from all the glitz. I believe the re-enactors volunteer on Saturdays if memory serves. Great fun!

Still no fix on my Picasa photo uploader. Its time to get working on my taxes, anyway.

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