Two days in a row I’ve spent trying to un-kink my computer. I can obviously reach my blog page and type, but I cannot use pictures. Picasa 3 will not load them. I tried a number of things yesterday. Today I uninstalled and then reinstalled the program. Nope. Tried my new computer that I planned to move over to anyway. Nope, can’t figure it out.The pictures come out of the camera but the computer can’t read them so they remain icons.

The pictures were of my blooming daffodils, plums, and peach blossums and bright oranges on the tree. They aren’t  very important, but my camera is seeing  spring and it is pretty and sunny out.

Two friends stopped in for a visit. Jan and I wrote a ballad about a trip we took from Murphys to Rogue River Oregon where I had a 60 foot two bedroom trailer that I liked to visit and invite guests to go antiquing or rafting or whatever. Sadly, it is my place that flooded. My son brought me some remnants of the place which is now demolished. Both friends suggested I publish our ballad. It could never be called poetry, maybe dogeral.  I’ll try tomorrow. I am steadily making my way through pounds of mail and neglected tasks. My housemate, Karen, brought me a corned beef, carrots and potatoes. Guess I better find the recipe that she favors and do some cooking tomorrow. 

I’ll keep posting.

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