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A return to the visitor center yesterday to kind of scope out the parade route and parking options netted me this picture of ducks that hug the lawn at the center. The center is near a body of water and these ducks seem to be fixtures. DSC02157 (Copy)

The previous day, they were cold and sleepy and huddled up for warmth. Pretty, anyway.DSC02368 (Copy)

Our plan for the day, go look at the art scene, check out the parade route, eat at Steamboat Bills, go see some old, beautiful houses  and then take a hike in the park when we returned. The heron painting is Ellen Anthony’s work,  available from Gallery By The Lake, a kind of studio, coop of local artists. Some very nice stuff here. No photos without permission.That decision always puzzles me because every owner gives it, if it is their painting. Why wouldn’t the others want their work advertised?

DSC02371 (Copy)

Ellen does a wide variety of subjects and says she has fun doing it, like this one from a dream.

DSC02370 (Copy)

And, a very nice abstract. Then I spotted the painting below, Will You Dance With Me?


While traveling the coast, a gallery owner told me that no one buys a cactus or a sunflower from her gallery, they only want, water, boats, birds and beaches. It occurred to me that when in Port cities, that is what you buy.  So, I thought to find something  Mardi Gras related, or Cajun.  The Cajun dancers by Jock McGreggor fit the bill and is  a small piece I can carry in the motor home.


At the Arts And Humanities Center. They post work from multiple artists. I liked this one by Keven Lawrence Leveque very much. Also a small painting.


I had a hard time choosing between the two. I bought this original oil, also very small and personable. Kevin told me he likes to paint relationships. I’m  bummed because I stood there with camera in hand and didn’t take a picture of the artist with his painting. I guess I got excited. Obviously this painting isn’t  Cajun or Mardi Gras themed.

DSC02255 (Copy)

Jim’s favorite was Bill’s Boeings, also by Kevin L.  Leveque.  Everyone liked it. At three feet tall, not even available to us, size and price, but a great piece.

DSC02360 (Copy)

I liked this cat by Julie Groth.

DSC02348 (Copy)

Martin Luther King, by J. Simien. He did a good one of Obama, as well.

We decided to visit the Alexander Gallery. She used to display at the center. Her work didn’t appeal to me but across from her gallery is Pujo’s Street Cafe. The owner posts local originals in his restaurant. Great food and atmosphere in Pujo Street Cafe. Nice wines, too. A sidewalk table setting for hot days or smokers. No smoking inside. And, some good art. And, again, I purchased another small portrait entitled Elise, by Steve Whatley.

DSC02363 (Copy)

The gals in the restaurant hated to say goodby to this small painting. They call her Sara after the girlfriend of the bartender she resembles. Again, nothing Cajun or Mardi Gras. Oh, well, who can account for personal taste.

DSC02254 (Copy)

We drove along Pujo and Kirby, recommended by the visitor center for old historic houses.

DSC02357 (Copy)

I took several more shots, but it was late and we were starving and wanted to try Steamboat Bills and do a bit of grocery shopping.

DSC02352 (Copy)

Trees populate every street, a type of oak. They get covered with this plant. Probably a pest, but beautiful.

DSC02374 (Copy)

Steamboat Bill’s is touted as one of the best restaurants in the U.S. The seafood gumbo was very good, but still didn’t compare to The Gumbo Bar in Galveston. Sorry Bill. I also tried a pistolette.   It is a Louisiana roll filled with etouffee of your choice. I chose shrimp. Excellent.

We shopped but had no time for a hike. It was cold and we were too tired to go back to town for the parade at 7:00 p.m. Darn.

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  1. Philippe de Bersuder

    Thanks for your excellent blog, Philippe, New Caledonia

    • 2gadabout

      Thank you for stopping by.

      • 2gadabout

        Hi Steve,
        The owner forgot to give me a receipt so I only had your name from memory. I’ll correct the spelling in the blog. And, there was no signature on the painting, unless it is under the frame? I’m in the middle of Mardi Gras but after Tuesday, I’d like to talk to you and get a bit of a biography. I’ll enjoy the painting and I thank you very much. Mary

  2. steve whatley

    i wonted to thank you for Pershing the painting elise at the pujo cafe , I’m Steve Whatley the artist who painted “elise” I’ve been painting for around 15 years and around 3 months ago had my first show , I’ve always given my art away . people have always pushed me to do something with my art so i took the plunge and put it out there , i hope you enjoy it and thank you for your review and good words. its kinda of funny because when they told me to bring four paintings i looked around and at the time i had 27 of them in my hall at my house so that was a hard decision to make but elise was the first one i picked to go to the show ..once again thank you ……steve

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