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The Texas Artists  Museum is for local artists an outlet to exhibit, and a place to work and take classes.

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It was a class day and we had such fun talking with the women and watching them work.

DSC01815 (Copy)

The first day of each month they change the exhibit. They were busily taking  down pictures and registering and arranging for new ones to go up.

DSC01801 (Copy)

I picked my favorites. None of which were for sale, but these type of community galleries also sell work for artists getting started. Many just enjoy expressing themselves.

DSC01811 (Copy)

This star nebula painting is behind glass and beautiful but tough to photograph.   The artist is Patsi Prince. She had several different paintings in different styles.

DSC01813 (Copy)

This is another of Patsi’s paintings.

DSC01803 (Copy)


DSC01806 (Copy)


DSC01814 (Copy)

This is the first gallery where we’ve seen subjects other than the water, boats, birds and seascapes in quite some time.  Nice change.

DSC01824 (Copy)

The singer Janis Joplin spent part of her childhood in Port Arthur. The house she lived in has this placque with a short history of her star grazed life and a sad, untimely death at age 27.

DSC01839 (Copy)

We got word of the famous seafood buffet at Larry’s French Market and went to feast on our first taste of Cajun food since we left Louisiana in 2010.

DSC01838 (Copy)

Tasty stuff, especially if you like things spicy. I was in Cajun heaven with boudain sausage, crawdad etouffee, seafood gumbo, dirty rice  and all the catfish, froglegs, alligator, crabs and shrimps I could eat. The music was not Cajun, however, and we made haste to get away from the “noise”. They have a different band every Friday and Saturday night. I expect this one won’t get a return call.

DSC01843 (Copy)

We’ll be back in Louisiana on Tuesday.

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