Saturday was a travel day. We blogged late because we had no signal at the beach. We are parked at an American Legion full of friendly people in Rockport.  This Legion  has  bookcases for book trades. We have so much reading material I was tempted to pass it by. I didn’t look through all the books or I could be inundated. I found three very quickly and left.

DSC04472 (Copy)

The Legion is close to water and we drove out to the water looking for the “blue beach”  before it got dark. You can’t get far from water around here. We saw this old dock. We stayed in, so I’m posting more photos of Felders Gallery that were beautiful.

DSC01025 (Copy)


DSC01023 (Copy)


DSC01028 (Copy)


DSC01031 (Copy)


DSC01033 (Copy)

DSC01034 (Copy)


DSC01036 (Copy)

This piece is five feet square. The photo doesn’t do it justice. Felder loved painting water. You can double click any of these photos to get a larger view.

Yesterday, I posted a postcard of Roosevelt’s visit to Port Aransas, and pictures from Farley’s boatworks. In a local magazine was a story about Barney Farley, the founder of the boat works, who took Roosevelt fishing. Roosevelt had (in 1937 dollars)  $50,000 worth of fishing equipment with him. Barney told him none of it was suitable for catching tarpon. Barney outfitted him and Roosevelt caught 3 tarpon out of the 17 brought in that day on the boat. Barney and Roosevelt  became good friends. Just a bit personal  history you don’t normally hear about.

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3 thoughts on “A TRAVEL DAY

  1. That old pier, sitting there in the bay, seems to stretch out into infinity and a little bit more. Pretty striking contrast.


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