We drove to Corpus Christi early enough in the day to find our parking spot and take a cruise downtown and visit an Art Gallery I wanted to see. Jim turned right instead of left and we saw an Eagles Club that wasn’t on Google Earth. We pulled in to say hello and found one of the friendliest guys you’d ever want to meet. And, funny, too.


His name is Larry Mills and we let him entertain us for the rest of the day. He is from Michigan, my home state, but he’s become a Texan since moving here in 1982.


He manages the Eagles Hall, here, and showed us around, though it was closed and we were the only ones in the place. It has a wooden dance floor. As a former square dancer, I nearly drooled.


A great hall, a great guy. We decided to alter our plans a stay a couple more days.

But, since we stayed in, I was remembering two  signs I saw the day we were in the Brownsville museum. Both kind of surprised me.

DSC00519 (Copy)

This one is an old-time Mexican saying since the revolutionary days. With our intrusive policies, it still holds true.

DSC00376 (Copy)

And this one was an excerpt from a priest’s prayer just  before a voyage. Cheerful, bugger wasn’t he? They should have fired him as their priest or burned him at stake, or whatever they did to people in 1596  when he wasn’t doing his job well.

IMG_2422 (Copy)

Being on the road as much as we are, we see signs of all types and they kind of amuse or boggle the brain or leave you wondering what they meant. Like this one. From the road you cannot read the small print on the bottom as you can (barely) in this cropped photo I took while driving by.

IMG_2184 (Copy)

This is the newspaper delivery guy’s sense of humor. Whoever takes the last paper is greeted with this message. The rack is located in Palm Desert, CA, a well-known vacation spot.

IMG_2185 (Copy)

The door is metal and the temperature in Palm Desert gets into triple digits, and yes, the door was hot. You’d think, they’d install a wooden door, now wouldn’t you? We were wintering there and the temperature was in the high seventies.

IMG_0071 (Copy)

This drive by photo needs no explanation. I knew immediately the sign maker was talking about Congress. Pathetic, isn’t it?

DSC00975 - Copy

Another little choice bit of wisdom. Hey, we roadies aren’t waiting in line either. It’s a great lifestyle. Life is short. Come join us. Retire early, hit the road. Enjoy life, not stuff.

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3 thoughts on “SEIZE THE DAY

  1. I used to hang a banner outside my business during election season that said… Re-Elect Nobody!

    • 2gadabout

      OMIGOD. I love it. Gotta remember that one for June!!
      Actually, my brother ran for the senate, but he has no significant money of his own. He was pretty much doomed from the start and far too honest.

      • I wish I could take credit for it. If memory serves me, I got it from Jim Eason, a talk host on KGO radio many years ago.

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