The day after Christmas, we celebrated with Ted, Bev, their children, and the grandmas, Eunice and Ruth, who are family members of Kristanne’s boys, Austin and Alec. Las Vegas is a long way to go for a visit and Murphys is much closer for them.

IMG_3194 (Copy)

Alec and Austin with cousins Abby and Daniel. (Ted is visible in he background.) The kids are sucking orange juice up through a peppermint stick “straw”.

DSC04410 (Copy)

After dinner, the gift exchange. Grandma Eunice gave Austin what looked like a huge bag of cash. But, hidden inside the bag was a family tradition. This year Austin got “the ugly cup.”

DSC04413 (Copy) (Copy)

It has been a tradition for several generations In Eunice’s family for someone to pass on the ugly cup at Christmas. It is inscribed with these words: “I had a choice of being rich or good lookin'” Austin will now have to pass it on next year. She gave college-age grandson Alec, a gift-card of gas for his car. What clever gifts!

DSC04430 (Copy)

The boys enjoyed the Guinness Book of World Records Austin received from his cousin Owen, who is in Italy.

IMG_3195 (Copy)

Bev and her Mom.

IMG_3180 (Copy)

Then, later in the day, Austin in his new pajamas, texting.

IMG_3179 (Copy)

Mason, texting.

IMG_3177 (Copy)

Alec texting.

IMG_3182 (Copy)

Emil texting.

IMG_3185 (Copy)

Naturally, boys love to wrestle and/or show off their strength. Alec is a student but he works full-time as a manager of a Golds Gym. So, it isn’t all texting.

Next, is Christmas with my nearby siblings.  I absolutely love the holidays and the extended family get-togethers.


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3 thoughts on “THE NEXT WAVE

  1. How wonderful you can enjoy these holidays with your family. I am envious! My son is 2500 miles away, and there are no grandchildren.

    • 2gadabout

      I am ever grateful for family, but families are smaller and more mobile. There are advantages to that, too. Happiness comes in many guises.

  2. Sounds like you had a wonderful celebration!

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