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At the doctor’s again yesterday, in one examination room, was a poster of a painting by Leonardo Da Vinci, that miracle inventor and artist. He rendered a death image with a cigarette hanging out of its mouth. I couldn’t help but think what an amazing man with such foresight to decide early in the game that cigarettes were a deadly habit. Shoot, and I thought that Native Americans brought the smoke habit to settlers and it spread from there.

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I stopped at the post office for stamps. (Still haven’t mailed a card.) Today, for sure. I stopped to look at the art work from the kids at Head Start. And, their public Christmas tree.

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I decorated my table with old Christmas cards two days ago, and covered them over with a plastic see-through cloth. Many people don’t send cards anymore and I’m glad I’ve kept a crop of them from the past to enjoy.

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It is a bit of inspiration to get at it. And I do enjoy sending cards because it keeps me in touch with people I rarely see. Put the carols on, warm a cuppa cider…hmmm. Smells like Christmas already.

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2 thoughts on “LEONARDO DIDN’T SMOKE.

  1. Have a wonderful Christmas and New Year’s Mary! We can only hope and pray that 2013 will be a much better year for all of us! Believe in an Ephesians 3;20 year for 2013! Blessings to you and your loved ones!

    Carolyn (Crowe) Ibele

    • 2gadabout

      Hi Carolyn,
      Your ears must be burning. I just got the report of the accident from Apache County in my mail today. A very skimpy report at that. Each department, at least four agencies, took a deposition from Jim and I and each took all the pictures I had of the accident and it took five months for this very non-inclusive report. Not that we needed to have it. Our life these past few months has been dominated by accident related issues as I’m sure your life, and that of all of Richard’s family, friends and students has been deeply affected by the results of this tragedy. Richard was so painfully young and I’m glad your faith sees you through. My husband of 40 years died in 2000, and he is with me still. At this special time of year it brings me pleasure to think of a NEW year ahead; to get back to my life on the road with Jim; and to put this burden behind me. And it gave me a special lift to hear from you. Blessings on thee, Carolyn Crowe. May the season bring you the warmth of family and some good cheer to hold dear.

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