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I’m shamed to say I haven’t written a single Christmas card this year. I was intent upon learning how to do a Christmas letter with a photo gallery. Even with the help of a friend, I’m afraid it will have to be next year. My signal was down and took the better part of three mornings to get it running again. Therapy takes up the liion’s share of my time, so I decided to photography some old Christmas Cards I like.

DSC04243 (Copy)


DSC04249 (Copy)


DSC04242 (Copy)


DSC04244 (Copy)


DSC04257 (Copy)


DSC04252 (Copy)


DSC04251 (Copy)


DSC04259 (Copy)

The card says it best. It is a lovely season. Hopefully today, I’ll get some cards mailed.

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3 thoughts on “CHRISTMAS CARDS

  1. Pam Munn

    I am wishing both of you a wonderful Christmas and hope you enjoy the holidays with friends, family and each other. And as we are at that wonderful age, I wish everyone lots and lots of wonderful healing in the new year, a year filled with health and wealth!! Here’s to you!! Looking forward to running into you guys in 2013, perhaps we can do some things wonderful and some things crazy!!

    With warm hugs and kisses, Pam

    • 2gadabout

      We are bound to run into each other, but…2013 is East Coast for us. We’ll be in Galveston for Fat Tuesday February 12th. Do you ever get back to Mountain Ranch? Send me photos of some of your art work. Hugs. Mar

  2. You picked some good cards. Very nice. I like tthe
    ‘old fashioned’ nostalgic cards too.

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