Thanksgiving is a unique American holiday. A time to take stock, reflect on the good things in life and…a time to take goofy pictures.

A pomegranate almost the size of Owen’s head. It has dried, cracked and shrunk some since it was picked from their backyard tree.

It is November and crisp enough outside for sweaters. These guys never want to wear long pants or shoes unless they are visiting the snow. They are all legs.

My daughter is mentoring a Brazilian PHD student. Stuffed Turkey isn’t new to him, but Thanksgiving is. Each person at the table shares what we have to be thankful for on  this day.   I may rant about politics, but this is the greatest country on earth and I’m thankful for that.

Everyone gives a hand with the dinner.

After dinner the desserts: apple crisp, pear tart, pumpkin pie, and walnut pie. Son-in-law is the artistic pie baker. Equally fit for pilgrims and kings.

Then a walk in the park. And, if you walk with three biologists, you have to inspect what an owl ate for Thanksgiving. Little bones, feathers and a small skull are evidence in the owl pellet.

Marciel came here almost four months ago with no English. In Brazil, he had only played cards a couple of times. He did not know how to shuffle. No trump games or bidding. He learned three new card games, trump, bidding, betting. A new dice game. He then bested Doug seven games in a row too much howling on Doug’s part. We relished Doug’s loss and shouts of anguish at being bested.

The two grandma’s look like they’ve been sucking too long on a wine bottle. Goofy pictures are part of the deal, doncha know. We think we are a normal family, whatever normal is.



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2 thoughts on “A GOOD IDEA FROM AMERICA.

  1. So glad to see you had a wonderful Thanksgiving with your family! As someone who lives in Massachusetts just over 20 miles from where the pilgrims landed, we enjoy this holiday quite a bit. My oldest daughter now hosts and several years ago started a new tradition – The 100 Mile Thanksgiving. It is all about your carbon footprint and supporting local farmers. Everything at our feast comes from within 100 miles of the person who brought it. What a feat this can be, but what a sense of accomplishment when you sit down at such a feast!! From the bird to the vegetables to the cheese to the beer to sourdough rolls to the apple crisp and ice cream and many more items on our menu- it all came from local places. She creates a beautiful menu as well to show all the guests where everything came from. We also had 2 foreign students breaking bread with us this year- one from the Dominican Republic and one from Germany. They enjoyed their 1st American Thanksgiving and have gained a better understanding of football!! We loved having them as much as they loved joining us 🙂

    • 2gadabout

      I love the 100 mile idea. What a smart thing to do. I will make sure we do the same next Thanksgiving and as much as possible through the year. Thanks for stopping by. Happy holidays to you and yours.

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