A reader put me onto this site:

Sid Schwab is very funny. He normally writes about surgery but the “crap” as he puts it has him frothing at the mouth. I know how he feels.  These quotes are from the opening of his blog.

We have now sunk to a depth at which re-statement of the obvious is the first duty of intelligent men.” George Orwell….
“The trust of the innocent is the liar’s most useful tool.” Stephen King…. …. “A man who lies today about what he said yesterday will lie tomorrow about what he said today.

My conservative friend Jerry McClellan offered some interesting solutions on my other blog:

Like you I fear for the country – no matter who we get, things will keep getting worse for the bottom 95%  – the first thing I would change is president 1 term – 4 years only , same with all elected officials !! Or if additional terms are allowed them they have to win by 10% higher ie 60% , third term by 70% , forth time by 80% – this makes it easier to replace them :-))

There are a few simple changes to make a great country. Same pension system for all people – same health care & school for all …. Cut the lifers off welfare, as you make millions taxes rates go higher …. Why do oil companies, insurance & Apple all need to make 50 billion per year – it should go to shareholders in dividends.

People who saved $500k should be easily be able to live on their interest or dividends ? – now you don’t get S__T

Judge Judy on tv makes $123,000 per day X 365 days – average worker makes $123 – that’s insane !! 1000 times the average Wage – should be about 50 x max in my opinion … So there is my rant.

And, another Republican veteran asked people to spread this around:

I’ve let others write my blog today as I slog through more medical paperwork. I have close friends in Virginia, Karen and Glen who are socked in with Hurricane Sandy, yesterday, expecting to lose power. I hope all is well with them and the many others who take the brunt of this monster storm. And, I hope climate change will get some notice by our leaders.

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  1. I too have been checking out Sid Schwab, he’s a man after my own heart.
    Good wishes and luck in the health department.

    Elaine in Canada

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