The dirty tricksters are out in force and it isn’t Halloween fun.

The Virginia State Board of Elections voter registration supervisor, a Republican,  has been arrested and charged with 13 counts of voter registration fraud.  Colin Small was arrested and charged with voter registration fraud after he was observed throwing voter registration forms in a trash bin behind a store in Harrisonburg, Virginia. Though he worked as the registration supervisor, he was contracted and paid  by the Republican Party of Virginia to register voters as a second job.

Virginia Democrats, led by state Sen. Donald McEachin, asked Virginia Attorney General Ken Cuccinelli to investigate the incident and determine if Small’s actions were part of more widespread voter suppression efforts. Unfortunately, Cuccinelli’s office said it would only look into the incident if there was a request to do so from the Virginia State Board of Elections, and the Republican-controlled Virginia State Board of Elections has refused to make such a request.

In New York City the Republican controlled Board of Elections,  changed many polling places at the last-minute in strongly Democratic areas so that people no longer vote in or near the buildings they had used before.  People from other buildings came to vote in other places still set up as polling places but not available to them. There have been no announcements, no signs and no directions where to go.  On primary day many people gave up after trying three different sites. And pleas to the Board of Elections gave them no help.

Totally outrageous!!

In Pennsylvania, the voter I.D. law was slipped in after the Primary. On October 2nd,  a Pennsylvania judge put the state’s new voter ID law on hold until after the election giving people time to get proper identification.  A series of misleading ads and announcements is sowing confusion and fear among residents with just two weeks until Election Day, civil rights and union leaders contend because the Commonwealth Court Judge, Robert Simpson, ruled that election officials can still ask voters for photo identification but cannot require it.

What kind of horse-pukey is that?

Remember how The United Nations and particularly the United States have gone to foreign countries to stabilize the voting process when rogue governments were  trying to prevent the people from Democracy? They secured the polls, became poll watchers and protected voters from assault and other shenanigans? Well, for the first time in U.S. History, poll watchers from the United Nations have been asked to do the same in America because our ability to run fair elections is so rife with corruption.

How about this ethical breach caught by a watchdog of the press:  The Wall Street Journal published more than 20 op-eds written by 10 Romney campaign advisers without disclosing their campaign roles. Shortly after that report, we released our letter to the Journal, urging editor Paul Gigot to reconsider the practice of hiding campaign ties and to instead start disclosing the campaign roles of its op-ed and column writers.

How many more dirty tricks go undetected?

Most of my friends are Republican, but they are not the radicals who dominate the Republican Party. The mild-mannered Romney of the last debate was coached to win the women’s vote. He nicely agreed with most of Obama’s foreign policy. But, those in the know expect the blitzkrieg if he gets elected. He wants more military intervention. Thus, his insistence on more military spending.

And, if you can’t win by changing your position, your friends can always do it for you. But, what about his much touted business acumen and stellar leadership and ability to create Jobs, jobs, high paying jobs.

While Romney was governor of my state, Massachusetts, the debt burden per capita was the highest in the nation. He raised or created more than 1,000 taxes and fees on people across Massachusetts, while 278 wealthy residents in the state got a tax break. And Massachusetts plummeted to 47th out of 50 in job creation.

What does it say that the people who know Mitt Romney best trust him least? He is trailing by 20 points or more in the state where he was governor.

John Kerry

And this:

After the country broke 17,000 heat records this summer, drought smothered half of the nation’s corn crop, and millions of acres of the American west went up in smoke, there is no mention of climate change by either candidate. Right now, parts of Miami are underwater due to unusually high tides, a problem that will get worse as sea levels continue to rise. Romney is a denier. 


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