I blogged genetically modified food labeling previously. Now, Monsanto is spending a million dollars a day to defeat the proposition on the ballot to label genetically modified foods.  So far, they’ve spent $48 million with some very misleading ads about why we shouldn’t allow genetically modified foods to be labeled. Not prevented. But, not labeled. What do they fear?  It seems to me, any time a company that peddles poisons that have already done damage to birds, fish and animals fights with their big bucks, it is not because they are concerned for us. They are afraid you won’t buy their products. Agribusiness in California is very successful. It isn’t the farmers who stand to lose. It is Monsanto. They expect to make millions on GMO foods and they don’t want you to know. Another block to transparency.

I will repeat parts of my former blog, in case you didn’t see it.

We’ve had genetically modified products for ages. Just hand pollinating or cross pollinating is genetically modifying a plant. Or, grafting a scion from a different fruit tree onto another, is an example.  Adding herbicides to seeds, is a bit different.  Any company who modifies a product that grows in our common soil,  should know the end result if the seedlings spread to the wild or cause unwanted changes. The company should have to prove that their GMO seeds will in fact, cause no harm or affect nature in a negative way. But, our weakened FDA did not make that happen.

Now comes information from a study that is disturbing and begs caution.  However, I don’t know the size of the study and who conducted it. I read about it on an organization I trust.

Rats fed a lifetime diet of Monsanto’s genetically engineered corn or exposed to the company’s popular Roundup herbicide, in amounts considered “safe” in drinking water and genetically modified crops in the U.S., developed tumors and suffered severe kidney and liver damage, according to a study released this week.

We may not develop the same problems as rats, but even rats are part of the environmental balance we need. What else will it affect?  Birds? Or raptors that eat rats and gophers?

And this from the editors of On Earth Magazine, a publication that deals with environmental issues:

Carbon-fueled climate change is responsible for many terrifying things, but some normal-seeming rice plants in one recent study is a warning. Scientists from the U.S. Dept. of Agriculture grew a feral, weedy form of rice along side of  a cultivated form in controlled environments that reflected carbon dioxide levels of a century ago. As C0-2 levels went up, the weedy rice was better able to synchronize its flowering period to that of the cultivate rice, leading to cross pollination and resulting in a zombie-like hybrid with alarming characteristics. From the feral parent, came a diminished nutritional content and a weaker hull. But, the cultivated parent gave it a genetic resistance to weed killers. The weedy rice that always pops up in fields has been traditionally controlled by herbicides.

Now, add in climate change with genetically modified seeds with resistant chemicals in them?  It could be a horror movie.
We don’t have corporate soil and private soil. Don’t allow Monsanto to buy its way around labeling to prevent you from having a choice of whether you want to eat GMO foods or not. Or feed baby food to your baby from seeds injected with herbicides.

Monsanto’s goal?  Higher profits.


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6 thoughts on “MONSANTO’S GOALS

  1. Sherry Geddes

    Mary – I’ve been thoroughly enjoying your posts. This post, however, really hits the mark! I hope it enjoys wide circulation! Consider me a major fan:-) Hope we have an opportunity to meet at some point down the road (I do know Jim).

    FT on Safari

    • 2gadabout

      Hi Sherry,
      I hope we get to meet as well. Jim is the navigator. Maybe he can navigate us to a mutual spot some day. Right now, I’m home and off the road until end of December. Anxious to be back on the road. Happy Trails

  2. If you have never seen the movie Food Inc. you should. And then the documentary called The World According to Monsanto. Frightening information. We all need to know so we can make informed decisions about what we eat but the deck is stacked against us for sure.

    • 2gadabout

      Hi Sue,
      I haven’t seen that movie. Sounds like a documentary? I’ll see if it is downloadable. Thanks for the info!

  3. Randy

    I think it’s true that Monsanto fears the unreasonable fears of the public if gmo food is labeled—because scaremongers can poision the well of perception. Irrational runs on banks–as in the movie: “It’s a wonderful Life” illustrate what Monsanto fears—and is trying to prevent. Perfectly good food goes unconsumed when scaremongers poision public perception. When oatmeal was first offered to the public—there were those who headlined that “horse food was being sold for human consumption”. and it took some time to overcome the damage.
    Regretably, the public cannot always be trusted with the truth.
    Roosevelt had to deceitfully taper America into World war 2 because the public was war-phobic and did not realize the consequences of a Nazi dominated world.

    • 2gadabout

      I’m not convinced injecting seeds is safe. But I know labeling food is safe. Science has been given a brush by, and fear is definitely a factor in GMO seeds. I have only to point to the chemical MTBE added to gas that has been banned after the fact. The company did not have to prove it was harmless and we still don’t know. But, we later learned,(the companies knew) there were already acceptable alternatives to MTBE to reduce polution, but they were more expensive. Haven’t we heard this story before? Now MTBE which gives an odd,unpleasant taste to water has permeated every water way in the nation and no one can figure out how to get rid of it. The chemical wasn’t meant to be ingested. But, we are ingesting it.

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