My son Ken rolled into Murphys and took me out to dinner last night at the Italian Steak House. They had great menu choices, though neither of us eat steak. He and his wife do meatless Mondays and are very health conscious eaters. Ken has never been on any prescription medicine.

He choose the pine nut and mushroom stuffed ravioli with crimini mushroom sauce and  cheese.

I enjoyed chicken picata and must say, the Steakhouse has wonderful food if you are visiting the area. Great choices. I can remember when you couldn’t find a decent restaurant in the whole county, so it is a treat to have nice restaurants in town.

His visit was just for the day. He got up about 3:30 this morning to go jogging. He plugged in to listen to music on his phone while jogging.  He came back and said, “I forgot how dark it is on a country road without street lights and no moon. I had to use my phone for a flashlight and light my way in the dark.”  My laugh for the day.  He’s turned into a “city boy”.

My road is full of potholes and forced him to walk instead of jog, and enjoy the fresh air and the dark. The dark is seductive and moody and enjoyable, to me. I like getting up in the middle of the night, on occasion, step onto my porch and just listen to the night sounds.

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