The White House has called on federal agencies and departments to improve the ability of government scientists to openly discuss their research and findings with media, policy makers, and the public. Some agencies, like the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration and the National Science Foundation, have put forward policies that encourage such communication.

Government scientists should be able to alert the public when their research indicates a potential public health, safety, or environmental hazard.

Strange that we should NEED such a call to listen to science. Our whole world of inventions and weaponry , space travel and architecture, astronomy, road design, medicine, comfortable furnishings, computers, fabrics, mailing materials, machinery, building safe structures, growing more food per acre, improvements in glass, car safety, new technologies be it a bicycle or a car medical device have been invented or strengthened by  scientific testing and  investigation. We live every day with the things science has made possible.  We, as a country, used to lead the way in  scientific discoveries and investigation. Now we are #17 in the world.  Such a long fall from dominance.

How did we turn into a society that denies the overwhelming evidence of climate change?  It has hurt us as a country financially and in leadership around the world.

Part of it stems from the conflicted discoveries that appear to undermine religion. Red states with high numbers of fundamental religions, are where most climate deniers and anti science attitudes come from. Yet, many scientists believe in God and have religious beliefs.

The truth and nature of the world, which includes people, is a factual, solid place, not changed by science, but understood by science. However, people are more comfortable in their own beliefs and somehow feel it affects their self esteem if what they have  believed for most of their life is challenged.

Uneducated people regard scientists as some elite, arrogant class of know-it-alls that live off the taxpayers and deserve trashing. In fact scientists don’t make a lot of money. They have houses, a salary and spend into the private economy and pay taxes just like everyone else unless they work within a mega corporation where they can make better money. Where they buy houses, buy into the private economy and pay taxes like everyone else.

Scientists provide the infrastructure for great companies to succeed and compete. They are necessary to our capitalistic economy. And suspicions that they are liberals with an agenda to sway the public in some sort of conspiracy would take thousands and thousands of scientists to agree to a shady plan. It is unreal, untrue and unfortunate for all of us that such anti-scientific attitudes have been promoted and enhanced by politicians for their own gain. It is up to each of us to confront that attitude when we see it if we want to be the America we grew up with.





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  1. Well said Mary. I know it seems that we are living in a time driven by polar opposites and that there is a desire on the part of many to move us to a theocracy.

    But, I wonder, if it has always been so to one degree or another? We know historically that religions have played a very heavy role in governments around the world with horrible consequences.

    That said, it would seem that there is a pendulum attempting to swing us back towards that direction.

    • 2gadabout

      It is true that religion in government roles has caused horrible consequences to humans and animals down through the centuries. Some people fail to see how religion evolves just like everything else. Yet religion is such a personal thing that to take a one size fits all approach for everyone is courting disaster. That swinging pendulum is scary but hasn’t it always been so that we do not seem to learn from history? Thanks for stopping by.

  2. carolyn ibele

    Hi Mary – as you know, my beloved brother, Dr. Richard Crowe, was a professor of astronomy and physics at the University of Hawaii – Hilo, and of course, a scientist. I live in a city that has in the past been considered one of the most intelligent cities in the world. Recently we set up a scholarship in Richard’s memory at the Perimeter Institute of Theoretical Physics (Waterloo, Ontario, Canada) for international physics students to attend the summer masters program in physics.

    As Christians, we do not feel that our faith conflicts with scientific discoveries. In fact, recent discoveries prove how incredible and complex our world is and more and more speak to a Creator.

    Here is some trivia for you – my favourite singer, Sarah Brightman, has been chosen to travel into space on the Russian spaceship to the International Space Station and orbit earth for 10 days. She is one of perhaps 8 civilians who have ever taken this journey (they called them ‘millionauts’). After her world tour in 2013 for her new CD, Dreamchaser, she will be in training for 6 months in Moscow, before her journey of a lifetime which is scheduled for sometime in 2014 or 2015. Apparently cost around $50M for the ‘ticket’.

    Thanks for your posts, Mary. I also find them interesting and you are obviously a very special and gifted woman.


    Carolyn (Crowe) Ibele.

    • 2gadabout

      Carolyn, I so appreciate your kind words and especially your confirmation that religious belief does not conflict with science. It is such a marvelous world with so many surprises still around the corner. We are just this tiny bit of matter in a wondrous and mysterious cosmos. I have not read of Sarah Brightman’s music or wonderful journey. I am glad to know about her as I so admire adventurous women. Thanks for stopping by.

  3. Randy

    So true and thank you for stimulating me to blog on Romney’s antiscientific religion.

  4. 122112oboy

    I am enjoying your take on life here in these (un-united)United States of America.
    Jim mentions in his header that you remain at home addressing health issues,I send best wishes towards a speedy resolution. I have a question, even though you both blog at “On the Road With Jim and Mary”, you seem to have two separate pages. How do you do that?
    I have been using for my blog and can create additional pages but with limited capacity, only my main page is archival-able and unlimited in space. I had initially intended to blog my travels but then got side tracked with a genealogy project. I am in the thinking part of getting back out on the road and combining my travels with my genealogy project. This may work with my present blog process but if not your technique is appealing to me.
    By the way, Jim,s post today of the Santa Fe Capitol Roundhouse is located on my childhood playground which was an apple orchard back then. My home was about 150 yards to the south of the Roundhouse site.
    Best of luck with your health.
    Ed Romero Enjoy The Time Left

    • 2gadabout

      Hi Ed,
      Yes, we do have separate pages. But the technical part will have to be addressed by Jim. He is the administrator and has control over the site except he cannot publish, or change or add to my page. I’ll email him this morning to write to you. Hopefully he remembers how he did it. LOL Thanks for your good wishes and interest.

      • ramblinmanjimj

        Ed, This is Jim. I’m sorry I do not remember quite how I did it. Just hunt around in the menus until you come across how to add a guest author. Good luck.

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