I like to think I keep myself well informed about health choices, but I was surprised when I found I had cholesterol clogged carotid arteries. I exercise, I’m limber, I’m active, I eat a healthy diet…what gives?

Well, first of all, I started adding up the things I eat here and there along the way that are not exactly healthy. I avoid fatty cheddar cheese, stick to mozzarella mostly.  But then, I really didn’t think too much about that feta I liberally sprinkle on my salad almost every night. Or the Parmesan I like on soups and spaghetti. Yikes, it is almost all fat! Even low fat cottage cheese has 1.5 grams of saturated fat.

And, so what if I have a hot dog or a hamburger once in awhile. Then, you know, some corn chips with my favorite Mexican food and artichoke dip and crackers when friends come over, and so it goes. It is a pretty steady part of my diet to eat off the consciousness table. Yes, I eat my whole grains and five fruits and vegetables every day. I rarely eat pork or beef.  Yes, I eat an ounce of dark chocolate twice a week, but otherwise,  no sweets and heavily processed foods. Maybe ice cream two or three time per year.  I exercise. So, why did this happen to me?  A whole lot of it is genes.

Jim has never taken a prescription drug in his life, he eats bacon or sausage and lunch meat 6 or 7 days a week and he has low cholesterol. He eats eggs when I cook them, otherwise he eats egg beaters because they are easier to use.

Karen, my skinny friend, fits that category. Sour cream, fried foods, cheese and ice cream with nary a rise in her cholesterol. I can easily conclude that some people eat relatively healthy diets and still have vascular disease while others can chow down sausage and bacon and chocolate cream pies and never have a negative health affect. It may be unfair, but it is reality.
So, now do I take statin drugs the rest of my life? Probably.

Here is a website that talks about statin studies, statin benefits, statin side effects and statin controversy.  It is enough to make you quit eating.  Or, go on a diet of unsalted brown rice and seaweed. I actually love brown rice and seaweed. So, I guess doomsday isn’t exactly hovering.

Needless to say, I won’t be making it back to the motorhome as scheduled. I canceled my flight and will be hanging around Murphys a while longer. Health is a formidable kind of wealth. And, I’m still wealthy, despite the need for a fix.

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