Yesterday was a work day, all day. A tree man removed heavy over-story on the oaks and maples that threaten buildings or keep sun off the strawberries and smaller plants. I tried to make sense of my wide-spread sprinkling systems. But today is a fun day. Friend, Michal Houston, is visiting, and the three M’s will be together again. I love to hang with friends. Social connections are different today, but we won’t be doing anything like this:

Or this:

They are sitting close enough to be friends. But…

What can be so distracting when a massive, professional entertainment is right before your eyes?

Could it  be a first date and they don’t know how to talk to each other?

I would hate it if we had so little to communicate with those sharing our table that we had to  consult with friends from a distance.

It is noticeable that everyone is young, of a new generation. It will ever be so, the older generation criticizes the younger generation and wonders if they will be prepared to take on the problems of the future.

I expect it will all work out, but you won’t catch us doing anything like this. And, it does give you pause to wonder.
(I don’t know who to credit for these photos. They came to me in an email, and I guess like un-copyrighted newspaper articles, they are useable by anyone who does not make money from your work. And I thank you , whoever you are.)


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  1. Communication in the 21st century has been relegated to the back burner of the stove and is no longer a working method of relating or bonding, but rather a lost art.


    • 2gadabout

      It’s a shame, too. Like letter writing. Personal letters are almost a thing of the past.

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