Heron Lake State Park, New Mexico – Day 4

If you read my last couple of Blog entries, you know about my problems with the alternator in my Ford Bronco II and the no-see-ums bites on my legs.

The day before yesterday I hired two young park rangers to assist me with the alternator replacement. That is because of my injuries received from the May 27th accident. After we took out the alternator is when we discovered the spare alternator I had for my 1984 Bronco would not work in the 1986 Bronco. i called the nearest Napa auto store in Chama, 25 miles away, and they told me they had one in stock.

Yesterday I hitched a ride into Chama with a neighbor. I brought the malfunctioning alternator with me because it is an exchange sale and also to make sure I got the right replacement. When I got to the Napa store, they actually had two different alternators for my 1986 Bronco…BUT…you probably already guessed it…neither of them was the right one! That would have been too easy! The counterman placed the order which has to come from Albuquerque…175 miles away. He said it would be here by 8:00 AM Saturday…that’s today.

Now I needed to figure how to get to Chama once again. Taking my motorhome would have been a real pain. The camp host here…a real nice guy by the name of Rusty offered me the use of his truck. What a nice guy. So at 7:30 AM this morning I will be on my way to Chama to get the replacement alternator. Hopefully tomorrow’s Blog entry will be documenting the successful installation of that unit.

I’ll return the spare alternator to Auto Zone for a refund…when ever I see the next Auto Zone.

Now…the locals are saying that the current weather is unseasonably warm. Today is supposed to be 87 degrees. The sun here is a scorcher and after about 9:00 AM no one is seen walking around…it’s just too damn hot! Everyone is hunkered down inside of the rigs in the air-conditioning. So I have no new photos to show you today.

Except for photos of my no-see-ums bites. I’ll show just the area about three inches above were my sock was located. I have other bites that go above my knees!

I think my Blog entries have reached a new low today!  🙂

For better or worse…here they are…

First the left leg…

As always you may left click upon an image to see an enlarged view and then click once again to see an even larger view…

And then the right leg…

Remember, I also have bites on the back of my legs not seen by these photos! Isn’t that exciting???

In yesterday’s Blog entry I discussed how the use of Witch Hazel has greatly reduced the itch and pain.

Okay, enough of this for today. Let’s hope that future Blog entries will be more interesting!

All original material Copyright – Jim Jaillet 2012
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