We meet a lot of veterans on the road as we travel like this Air Force Veteran.  He and a Navy buddy ride together and are proud to have ridden all the way to the Vietnam Memorial in Washington D.C.  I visited the Memorial;  I don’t remember what year it was. We, like many others, traced the name of a friend.  It was an emotional experience. Especially the notes, and flowers, and meaningful (to them) trinkets that people lay next to the wall where their loved ones names are etched in stone  forever.

We’ve seen several of these Veteran Biker Groups on various missions.  Just seeing them reminds us of All Gave Some, Some Gave All.

Wherever I see a vet just minding his own business, I feel shy about walking up to him and thanking them, but we do smile in a friendly way and say hello. If they have cameras we  offer to take their pictures for them.  It is one thing I can do, as small as that may be.  This duo let me take their picture for my blog, and we took their pictures in front of the ruins we were all admiring, with their cameras.

Both of these guys made the trip All The Way in 2011 and in 2012.  The theme is We Ride For Those Who Can’t.  I didn’t ask their names,  but I’m going to make a point of doing so the next time we meet a veteran biker and post their pictures on the blog.

I fly to Vegas this afternoon for a visit with my son and daughter and their families for two days.  Then, home to Murphys for my family reunion. Besides everyday business to catch up on, each time I return home, I make it a point to finish one major  project  I started.  I’ll be in touch via this blog and give you a look into what goes on in my very active community.

We’re parked in the City of Farmington, in  a huge parking lot behind the shuttle service that will deliver me to Alburquerque Airport later this morning.   Then Jim will head for high ground, cooler temperatures, hopefully, and more rest for his injury which still plagues him.


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3 thoughts on “WE RIDE FOR THOSE WHO CAN’T

  1. Frank Shearer

    I enjoy your interest in all culters, scenery & especially people. Our trip into Canyon de Shelly was part of a motorcycle ride from the St. George, UT. to Chinle, AZ. We, Frank, Ruthie, Vern, Susan, DeWayne, Kathy, & Steve were caught in the 60 to 70 mph. winds on that Saturday. The blowing sand caused over $17,000.00 in damage to my motorcycle & about the same to the other three bikes. We arrived in Chinle at about 4:00 PM that afternoon. Another group of bikers did not even see Chinle, their destination, & rode thru the town. about 5 miles past Chinle one bike went down after hiiting an unseen sand berm, the 4 bikes following crashed into the first bike. Serious injuries to 4 of the men. They stayed at the Best Westen as we did. the following day we found you folks after your truck went over the cliff. a wild weekend we had. Frank

  2. Hi Frank,
    We are amazingly vulnerable to weather as well as mechanical failure. I’m so sorry about your problems with the wind. We had some problems with the wind too, door torn out of hand, broke the handle, etc. Small stuff. I’ve left the motor home and was unable to get on-line for five days. Just got to my “home” computer today to read your message. I used to ride when I was younger, Jim, too. Happy Trails. Wish you well.

  3. And, thanks for voting for us. I didn’t even know that venue/award existed. You are quite a guy. Thanks Frank. Wish we had had a chance to get to know you and Vern, DeWayne, Steve Ruthie, Susan and Kathy, too.

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