Don’t Squeeze The Shaman…

stick and it’s attached accessories…that is! Read on…I’ll explain.

Yesterday Mary and I visited the cultural center here in Cortez, Colorado and she outdid herself! She bought a shaman stick…92 inches tall and 32 inches wide!

As always you may left click upon an image to see an enlarged view and then click once again to see an even larger view…

Here she is with skulls and feathers already wrapped for protection…

I begged and pleaded with her…Where are you going to stow it? Please bring it back and get your money back! But no…she was determined to keep it. I’m not going to tell you what she paid for it because you wouldn’t believe it. She said I’ll carry it back home on the airplane…but after a little reflection…she decided she couldn’t do that. Then she said…I’ll ship it home and the two sales gals were laughing aloud as they told her a shipping store was just two blocks away…so off we went with Mary carrying it right along Main Street.

Eight blocks later at the shipping store, she found out it would cost more to ship it, than what she paid for it…she was determined to still ship. Only to find out the box would be larger than UPS or FedEx would accept. To ship it as freight via a truck would be so outrageously expensive even she rejected that idea. So off we went back along Main Street to our awaiting Ford Bronco II. We just managed to get it inside and close the doors. Back to the motorhome we went.

I kept on saying…where are you going to stow it? She kept on saying…I’ll figure something out! When I first Met Mary almost four years ago, her youngest daughter told me…when mom gets her mind made up…don’t even think you are going to get her to change it! This was one of those times she was talking about!

Back at the motorhome she started looking for places to stow it…

Maybe we could hang it from the bedroom ceiling…hmmmm…no that won’t work…

Maybe we could put it in the shower…hmmmmm…no, that won’t work…

After considering several other locations within the motorhome to no avail, it ended up in our largest outside storage compartment. All the while she was shouting at me…don’t squeeze the Shaman…meaning the associated skulls and feathers…

So there it will remain for the about next 1.5 years…thoroughly in my way…until the motorhome returns to her home in California in about October/November of 2013!

By then I really needed a drink. So I went across the street to the bar at the American Legion (where we are parked) and met some real friendly people. Mary eventually joined me and we went out on the back porch overlooking the horseshoe courts…

Soon the horseshoe throwers arrived and the games began. They take their horseshoe throwing very seriously in this part of the country…as though every throw was in a World championship competition…

We had a hamburger while we watched the activities. Then back to the cultural center to see some Indian dancing. Mary wasn’t going to miss that! I’ll show you those photos tomorrow. Today we will move the motorhome to Mesa Verde National Park for a three-day visit. If you don’t hear from us, it means we couldn’t get an Internet signal.

All original material Copyright – Jim Jaillet 2012
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2 thoughts on “Don’t Squeeze The Shaman…

  1. Heather

    We enjoyed Cortez. Perfect place for us, quilt shop for me, right next door to a brewery for co pilot.

    • 2gadabout

      If I hadn’t gotten sidetracked by that Shaman Stick, I’d have gone to the quilt store and also had a nice, dark brew. In fact, on our walk to find the mail center, we passed right by that quilt store. I love to quilt and love micro-brews. (Chuckle) Thanks for stopping by.

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