Bumps And Bruises From The Tragic Accident…

In the previous five Blog entries I’ve reported about a terrible accident Mary and I lived through six days ago. In case you missed those entries, here are the links…






In today’s Blog entry I thought I’d show you some of our physical bruises. It’s true that Mary and I escaped this tragic accident with no broken bones…but bumps and bruises we have. The mental and emotional bumps and bruises cannot be photographed…

As always you may left click upon an image to see an enlarged view and then click once again to see an even larger view…

Here are some of Mary’s…

And some of mine…

Because I was continuing to experience sharp, hot searing pains in my chest, I drove the Bronco the about five miles yesterday to the medical center for another evaluation. The doctor told me I have a severe contusion…another way of saying an extremely strained chest muscle. He took two chest x-rays to confirm that my lungs were not pulling away from my rib cage. They are not.

He explained that my type of injuries can take weeks to heal. So he had my chest wrapped with an elastic bandage, loaded me up with more pain medication and sent me on my way. The elastic bandage and new medications helped immensely. I had a decent night’s sleep last night  and I’m feeling noticeably better this morning than I have since the accident.

For those more injured than myself in this accident…I can only offer my sympathies. All my life I’ve thought I’ve had a high pain tolerance level (e.g. no anesthesia for dental work) …but my injuries from this accident has had me reconsidering that claim. Since there is no choice…I’ll simply bear it until time heals all.

I’m hoping to feel well enough to drive the motorhome so that we can depart next Tuesday and be back on the road again!

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7 thoughts on “Bumps And Bruises From The Tragic Accident…

  1. jim and mary. this is marys cousin gordy. will keep both of you in our prayers. glad you guys are both healing. and like you said. time heals every thing. so take care and God bless. love you guys and keep me posted

  2. Heather

    I follow your blog, but recently have been on an RV trip and out of range of a connection to the Internet. What a shock to find out about your accident. The pictures are scary, and I don’t know how you had the presence of mind to take them, good for you. I hope that you both feel better soon. Take care of yourselves.

  3. Bev

    Dear Jim – the world would be a much sadder place without you! Please continue taking care of yourself and before you know it (if you’re so inclined – :-)) you will be back to your old feisty self. You and Mary have shared something that will be an unbreakable bond, and I’m glad you have someone there who understands, and can offer some sense of comfort. Hugs, Bev

    • ramblinmanjimj

      Thanks for your nice comments, Bev. Hope all is well with you. Hugs, Jim

  4. I have been reading your recent blogs and I extend my sympathies to all involved. I did want to add a comment about your bruised ribs recovery. Back in late February my husband fell off a step stool while cleaning our motorhome. He landed on a brick planter box and broke 5 ribs, punctured his lung, and had severe bruising. All the medical help he had in Yuma advised against taping him up. They said that being taped prohibited his lungs from expanding when he breathed and would lead to pneumonia. They gave him a devise to blow into to help avoid pneumonia. The other complication he suffered from was extreme constipation caused by the pain meds. He went a week before they told him to take an OTC stool softner. Finally, good ol’ Milk of Magnesium got him going — literally. He was told his pain would last 6-8 weeks. At four weeks he could drive the motorhome. Good luck with your recovery.

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