I took many beautiful pictures on the way into the  canyon.  It seems to take longer to do anything these days. I find I need a nap in the afternoon,  so  most of them are raw and un-cropped.  We are healing and feeling better each day. But Megan’s note about how rumors fly in a community prompted me to also give this information.  The nut that dropped from the tie rod bolt was found on the road above the accident and turned into the Sheriff’s Department.

Jim considered driving into the canyon for this tour with his four-wheel drive Bronco.  Very soon, looking at the  deep sands to navigate, he was glad we decided to take the tour.

Majestic solitary pinnacles sit on the canyon floor.

Our guide showed us fascinating petroglyphs drawn by the ancient Anasazi.

These photos can be double clicked to get a better look at them.

Explanations not needed. As Sara Dailey from the Chinle Clinic told me, “Walk in beauty.”





On the road, there were places where the canyon walls are over your head.

I enjoyed sitting behind the driver and looking through his window as we bounced along.

He stopped for the horses to cross in front of us.

This rock edifice reminded me of a man leaning up against a rock.

Where I sat, I could peer over the edge of the truck and see the wheels churning through a muddy low spot.

Majestic. I was stunned to learn that some locals have never been in the canyon.



Sometimes the rocks are caramel color.

The awesome big picture.

Our guide explained the color variations come from the various minerals that are in the rock.

Coming from a more populated state, it is delicious to watch these horses running free and wild.

Though I took several pictures of the Mummy Cave, this is the last photo I took. The tour stops here for a lunch break  before starting our return trip.  (This album does not have the accident photos.)   To see the rest of my pictures in a full screen slide show, click on the link below:

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