It Appears More Adjustments Will Be Necessary…

Yesterday I departed the Moose Lodge #2241 and went to the Workhorse Chassis repair facility about one mile away. The ABS light on the motorhome would not go out. I had such an interesting experience there that I want to cover it in a separate Blog entry real soon.

In yesterday’s Blog entry I indicated I was moving to VFW Post #401 near the airport where I’ll be meeting Mary one week from today. The proximity to Interstate Highway 40 at the Moose Lodge made it far too noisy for sleeping.

I arrived at the VFW Post in mid-afternoon and got settled in…

The locals tell me that Albuquerque ranges from 5,000 feet in elevation at the Rio Grande River valley to 7,000 feet on the eastside…which means it’s a little difficult to find a level parking spot. After surveying the VFW parking lot this was the levelest spot I could determine and settled in. However…all is not ideal.

The first thing is the weather. Albuquerque temperatures are at near all time highs. Yesterday at 84 degrees it was really hot! The forecast for today is 86 and tomorrow is 88. YUK! Which means I need to leave all the windows and vents open.

About 150 feet behind where I’m standing when I took the above photo is a busy four lane city street which gives off a substantial amount of noise.

But…here’s the real problem. To the left of the trees in the above photo is commercial storage facility. The VFW Post itself is in an industrial business complex. All this means I’m in a commercially zone area and not a residential zone. Last evening/night…in the commercial storage area to the left…there are apparently two young “musicians” and I use the term very loosely. They apparently are very dedicated and I’m told by the locals practice every night from 6:00 PM to after midnight. Last night they quit at 12:30 AM. There’s only two…one plays a bass guitar and the other plays the drums. Their “music” sounds very angry…hard/acid rock?…and they play it at full amplified volume! Not a good thing for an old guy like me!

So, what am I going to do about this situation? I don’t know at this moment. I really like the fact that the VFW Post is within locked security gates at night…so I’ll try to figure out something that will allow me to stay here.

A little later this morning I’ll survey the parking area on the other side of the building and see if I can find a spot that will somewhat move me away from the volume of the road noise and the “music”.

Have I ever told you I really do not like being in big cities? I’m sure I have! If I didn’t have to meet Mary one week from today…you can be bet I’d be a loooong way away from here!

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