Well, that may be misleading, but  odd birds can be intimidating and I’ve known a few. Last Christmas we had smoked and roast pheasant and small ducks that were delicious. I didn’t get any feedback about cooking a rabbit for Easter, so thought I’d give you a roasting guide for goose.

Remove all the excess fat that you can pull off. They are very fatty. Don’t put any oil on it. Just rub salt,  pepper and garlic in the cavity. Then throw in some celery,  caraway seeds, and peeled onions, quartered. It is too oily to stuff.    From 4-6 pounds, roast in a roaster at 325*  2  1/2 to 3 hours.  Brown on top the stove first, drain off any rendered fat to use for pate’ later.  When browned, cover to keep moisture in. You can eat goose meat tender rare.  Sometimes, depending on size, the breast and legs don’t want to cook at the same time and you may check on it and separate parts for better cooking.  Or, if you have a big enough dutch oven, you can cut up the goose  and slow roast on top of the stove.

Best eaten with a purple plum sauce, cheesy mashed potatoes and dry roasted root veggies and a salad with a citrusy or ginger dressing.  For bigger birds, oven roast  8- 10 lb,  3 1/2 to 3/3/4 hours. 12 to 14 lb, 4 to 4  3/4 hours. Yum.

But, the best thing about a goose is the liver pate’ .

Render 1/2 cup of the goose fat. Boil 1/2 lb of liver in enough water to cover. If you have a small goose, make up the weight with chicken or duck liver, and it will still taste great. Simmer 15 minutes and drain well. Put through a food processor with 1/4 medium onion. Mix with the fat and add 1 tsp round, dry mustard. (Make sure the mustard is fairly fresh. Too often we use so little dry mustard, it loses its taste.)  1/8 tsp ground cloves, 1/2 tsp sal, 1/4 tsp nutmeg and a pinch of cayenne pepper. Refrigerate 12 hours before using. It keeps for two weeks if you leave it alone that long.

Actually, the best way to enjoy goose, is to go to your daughter’s house and eat theirs after they’ve done all the work. That is what I’m doing today.  Pictures, tomorrow.  HAPPY EASTER.

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