A Brush With Real Life…

We arrived in Deming, New Mexico several days ago. Mary departed, shortly thereafter, for home to tend to taxes and other business. I’m at Rockhound State Park in Deming, New Mexico waiting out a forecasted very windy Saturday through Tuesday.

Shortly after arriving in Deming, New Mexico, we visited with a friend whom I’ve known about 15 years. She prefers to remain anonymous…no photos or name please. Makes me wonder if she’s hiding from the law.  🙂

Anyways…back on October 25, 2011 I wrote a Blog entry that you must look at if you are going to understand this Blog entry. It’s about a convicted murderer who wrote a book to tell his side of a true story. His name was Wesley Walker also known as Buck Duane Walker. Here’s the link…

After reading that Blog entry my anonymous friend wrote me saying she is friends with Wesley Walker’s first wife. I knew that we would be passing through Deming, New Mexico in a few months and asked if she could arrange for us to meet her. The first wife agreed and the schedule was set.

Now one more fact before I continue that relates to this Blog entry’s title. If you are follower of my Blog…you already know that I have been an avid reader all of my life. One of my very famous quotes that I claim to have invented is…

Why is an RV and a good book muck alike? The answer is…because both of them can take you to wonderful places!

The RV takes you physically there and a good book takes you mentally there.

When you read good book it is just a story about some topic. It usually has no real-life connection to you the reader.

However when we recently met Wesley Walker’s first wife and spent a delightful three hours getting to know her…the two books identified in the earlier link took on a whole new meaning…

Pat McKay had some interesting stories to tell. It is not essential to this Blog entry that I tell you what she told us about her past relationship with Wesley Walker.

Let’s just say that our “Brush With Real Life” was most interesting and leave it at that.

That’s one more thing I just love about my full-timing RV lifestyle…you get to meet so many interesting people!

All original material Copyright – Jim Jaillet 2012
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4 thoughts on “A Brush With Real Life…

  1. Pal

    Hi there, I think that Buck’s second wife, Stephanie Kay Stearns, is now living in Waikoloa Village….interesting if this is her as she is now the only one that knows the truth of what happened to Muff and Mac on Palmyra…..

    • ramblinmanjimj

      Hi Pat,
      Nice to hear from you again. Interesting to hear about Stephanie. I wonder if she really knows? I have been away from civilization so long while recovering from the May 27th accident that I ran out of books to read, so I re-read Bucks book. According to him, she does not know and until she decides to write a book and tell us otherwise, I guess none of us will ever know what really happened. Best regards, Jim and Mary

  2. Is that “Buck” in the photo with you above (wearing a red, sleeveless sweat shirt) ??

    And can you remind me of this webpage as I’ve not read your blog before & by the time you find this note, I may have even forgotten finding it 🙂

    June 5, 2018

    • ramblinmanjimj

      Buck died April 26, 2010. The guy wearing a red, sleeveless sweat shirt is myself.

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