A Huffin’ And A Puffin’…

Two days ago we departed Douglas, Arizona. We had another planned stop in the Chirichaua Mountains, but with high winds in the weather forecast we pressed on to our current location of Pancho Villa State Park at Columbus, New Mexico.

The first about 60 miles of the trip along Arizona State Highway 80 went smoothly as the winds from the south-southwest were acting as a tail-wind into New Mexico. However when we turned right and headed east on New Mexico State Highway 9…the 30+ mile an hour winds were for the most part hitting us near broadside for the next about 100 miles. Nothing out there to block the wind…

As always you may left click upon an image to see an enlarged view and then click once again to see an even larger view...

Fortunately we arrived safely at Pancho Villa State Park about 2;00 PM and got settled in as the winds by then had increased to a steady 40+ miles per hour. The winds continued to huff and puff all through the night. Yesterday morning’s sunrise was cloudy and dusty…

As the day progressed the winds increased to about a steady 50 miles per hour with gusts to over 70 miles per hour. Despite the fact that I had managed to park the motorhome so that the winds hit us on the right rear-quarter of the motorhome…we still did a fair amount of rockin’ and rollin’. All day long…it continued. We are at the very southerly end of the park so as the wind rolled in over the open desert we got blasted with sand and dust all day long.

Here are some photos that I took that do not do the windstorm justice. If it were a clear day, Mexico can be plainly seen only three miles away. Not yesterday…

So we hunkered down and stayed in the motorhome all day. I did a lot of computer work, played some spider solitaire and read. Mary worked on her various projects. When we turned in for the night…the wind was still a huffin’ and a puffin’. It finally died out during the night and this morning things are peaceful and calm once again. It was quite a 36 hour-long experience.

Local area roads including Interstate Highway 10 all across the State of New Mexico and New Mexico Highway 11 from Columbus to Deming were closed for several hours yesterday afternoon. Wind gusts to 75 miles per hour were reported.

Winds of these type are somewhat frequent in the southwest as Spring approaches. Two years ago today, March 8, 2011, I published a Blog entry about another high-wind we experienced. It was quite a happening. You can read all about it by clicking this link…

Here’s Mary’s Blog entry for that day…

I think there is a song with the words “some days are diamonds, some days are dust”. Yesterday was a dusty one…literally. Fortunately they do not happen frequently!

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