Yesterday was a chores day, the washing, shopping, getting ready to move to a new location. Nogales has been a nice stay and I went over some of my pictures, thinking how much I’ve enjoyed Southern Arizona. The old 1914 Courthouse (above) where we happened upon the Arizona Rangers. I took this picture of their beautiful chandelier.

And the museum had so much to see.

Indian artifacts were very prominent here. Basket making is always done with materials at hand. The docent told us that devils claw is used to make the contrasting dark color in the baskets. When someone asked how they used such prickly materials for weaving, she said the people pull the strands through there teeth to remove the stickers. Kind of makes you appreciate those baskets a bit more.

The Indians originally had cotton. They didn’t get wool until the Spanish came with sheep. But, they had colorful clothing and beautiful blankets either way.

Into Nogales, Sonora, the fun goods and some practical goods as well. These tiles are beautiful.

There is a story I once heard about the popularity and meaning of the skeleton figure in hispanic cultures, but I’ve forgotten it.

Then those exciting bucking broncos of a few days back.

It gives your heart a tumble if the rider goes flying off that bronc.

All the riders get tossed off the bulls. Bigger, bulkier, more muscles.  More danger. They now wear helmets for bull riding.

We are parked on top of a hill at a VFW.

We had a lovely breeze every day and a view of the city lights each night.

Jim fixed my bike’s flat tire. I picked up a thorn my last day in San Xaviar. I couldn’t ride here, anyway. The hill is super steep.

Standing at the edge of the driveway, you are unable to see the bottom of the hill. If was an interesting pull up with the motor home and Bronco. We never get our fill of Mexican food, but we try.  Yesterday, after the laundry, we ate at a small  family owned restaurant called El Zarape right across the main drag from us. I ordered a combination plate, something I rarely do, but the enchilada sauce was unique. Obviously home made. The chicken taco had an unusual spice I couldn’t identify. Hey, I like it that way. Surprise me.

Today, we’ll move to Patagonia State Park.  Everyone says it is beautiful.

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