Yesterday, we left Sandee’s and drove to Thornydale,  AZ where I was able to buy ink for our printer,  fax paperwork and catch up on some business before reaching a small suburb of Tuscon. I’m learning that Tuscon covers a huge area of influence. Didn’t we just leave Tuscon 80 miles back?

We are staying with the Moose for several days where we met (serious only in the photo) Paul, our seat mate at the bar. Every now and then you meet someone who says, “What’s blogging?”  It is hard to explain to people with no experience with computers. Paul kept shying away from having his picture taken and finally agreed. He was a lot of fun and agreed to sell us some home-made green corn tamales.  We still lust after those we bought in Yuma in 2008. We compare all  to those.

Carleen, the bartender was a hoot and kept telling us how strong she is. Doesn’t do arm wrestling, though.

Some lodges people are friendly as can be and make you feel instantly at ease. We stayed for dinner. Paul touted us on the Tuscon Rodeo and Parade which isn’t until Thursday.

We laughed with this crusty, funny gal.



I got a recipe from my friend Pam Munn that is quick and easy in an RV. Use a package of Lipton Onion Soup Mix. Add a rind of cheese, two green onions, two stalks of celery, a sprig of parsley or cilantro if you have it.  One  potato cut into chunks. In ten minutes, you have a fast eat. It’s protection against raining cats and dogs.


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