It’s been fun cooking with my friend Sandee, enjoying the view out her back window of the beautiful mountains and seeing Sandee’s artwork and collections.

An artist herself, she is working on this bobcat. She has routinely seen a bobcat walking her back fence and she thinks the  bobcat may identify  with the sculpture. We keep watching for the real thing, but he hasn’t shown up while we’ve had cameras poised.

She has a friend with a pooch in the National Kennel Club Trials and her dog and cats enjoy seeing other animals on television and watched the dog show intently. Who knows?

Judy and Mike stopped by to visit and discuss full-time RVing with Jim and share their experiences. They’ve just sold their trailer and haven’t gotten a new rig. We were supposed to have left by now but we are still dealing with a signal problem. Jim got a new device and is cursing it as I write. I’m on a signal from Sandee’s neighbor.

The only wildlife we’ve seen is a few birds. This dove came to visit.

Sandee is multi-talented and  makes jewelry, and I photographed gobs of it just because it is so beautiful. Not all of it was jewelry she made.

As I walk around her house, I continually spot stuff I hadn’t noticed the day before because there is so much to attract the eye.  Better than visiting a gallery.

I particularly liked this kitty…

…and his outdoor painting of sunflowers.

And this cute glass frog.

I have a recipe of Sandee’s to share, too.

Prepare 1/2 inch eggplant slices to fry in olive oil until tender by dipping them in egg and bread crumbs first. Then slather them with blue cheese, put on the lid, and when the cheese is melted, serve them. Yum.



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