It sounded much like a very loud crack of a bullwhip. It happened a week ago today while I was on my way to Slab City. I purposely took the shortest route…California Highway 115 through the middle of the lettuce fields. Nice long straight paved roads with little to no traffic. When it happen I could see for several miles ahead, there were no other vehicles in sight except for a farm truck passing me headed in the opposite direction. That’s when it happened!

I knew immediately the windshield had taken a hit…but where? I pulled over to the side of the road to look. Glancing around…I finally saw it. On the driver’s side…eye level and about 15 inches to the left of my direct line of sight…

Here’s a little closer view…

And a really closer view…

When I arrived at Slab City I took this photo of the outside of the window…

This really nasty rock chip is about 1.25 inches long. Fortunately our insurance company paid the $65 to have it repaired. Safelite Glass did the repair. They are located in El Centro…about 35 miles south of Slab City. With poor cell phone service at Slab City, I felt it would be difficult at best for the repairman to find me. So, I decided to postpone the repair until I arrived at El Centro yesterday since I had already had plans to come here for a Costco food stop. The next Costco we will come across is more than 300 miles and we will not be there until about two weeks from now.

The glass repairman came yesterday and all appears well once again. He did a good job and the repair is barely visible to the eye. I tried to take a photo of the repair but it refuses to be seen by the camera.

I spent the night in the Moose Lodge #1033 parking lot.

Today I’ll head back towards Yuma, Arizona to meet Mary who will arrive on a flight tomorrow afternoon.

All original material Copyright – Jim Jaillet 2012
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